"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 14 – " My Name is Adobea Emerald Wilson


Fii whispered into her ear “I love you” Adobea smiled back and responded in her majestic soft voice
“I know you do, i last love you too”
They cuddled each other so hard that they could feel each others breath and heartbeat. It felt nice as the cuddle was filled with soft kisses from both parties. They both knew where it was leading to, yet they couldn’t stop each other. It wasn’t lust, they just missed each other. Adobea held Fii’s hand, squeeze gently and placed it her mouth were she began kissing and licking his fingers. Fii felt good as he has never experienced this before.
“You are so naughty, how did you know all this” Fii asked.
The question appeared a bit funny to Adobea and Fii himself, they both laughed about it.
“Well i just go with the flow my love” Adobea answered.
They starred at each other as Fii kept enjoying from the sensational treat from Adobea. Out of no where, Fii suddenly began tickling Her by the waist. She couldn’t help it but laugh her heart out as Fii kept on doing it.
The atmosphere was filled with laughter and fun. They both looked happy together, their love was pure and sincere, before they knew it, they were  both fast asleep in each others arms.
The night passed out quickly and soon it was a beginning of a new day. Adobea and Fii still remained in bed. They both decided to skip lectures that very day.
Meanwhile, back on campus students as usual began to make stories of Adobea concerning the picture they saw with her and the resource person. The rumor spread all over campus and for those who didn’t know Adobea were eager to meet her.
It was the beginning of lectures, one may would have thought that Nana Ama wouldn’t be present but she was already there on campus as if nothing had happened. It was Mr. Edward class that morning. Unexpectedly he organized a quiz when he noticed that Fii and Adobea were both not present at lectures. He felt this was the only way to get back at them.
It wasn’t a an easy one tho, the class was not prepared enough for it. It was difficult for any of the students to get a pass mark. Nana Ama knew she couldn’t do it, she just glanced through the questions, fabricated answers and patiently waited for the test to be over.
It was only a handful of students that appeared to be writing more and getting it easy with the questions.
Back at Fii’s house, He had prepared and given Adobea breakfast in bed. As soon as she finished eating, Adobea called Fii to her side to tell him who she really is.
“Fii, i don’t know how you will take it but i can’t hide it forever, i have to be honest with you.” She said. She stood up from the bed and began her story
” My Name is Adobea Emerald Wilson, the only daughter of Mr. Andrews Wilson. My mum passed away at my birth so i was brought up by my dad. I went to UK for my degree and i currently own a financial company there in UK.
Money, house, cars, name it,i have it all. What i lacked was a listening ear. What i lacked was someone who can make me laugh. What i lacked was a true friend. That’s why i came back to Ghana, back to school, to start all over again without the knowledge of my Father.
But i came to meet something else, something above what i seek. I came to meet a friend that had all i seek for. Love, affection, care, kindness and everything that a lady will need. I came to meet my Fii, who is sitting in front of me right now and starring at me, eye ball. I came to meet love.
Fii this is who i am, Adobea Emerald Wilson and am sorry for keeping this from you and the man you saw yesterday is truly my father, Mr. Andrews Wislon ”
Fii looked at her and was completely silent for a moment. He went closer to her and stood in front of her. He held her hands and said
“You still my Adobea, the girl am in class with, the girl that has brought the best in me, i love you and i don’t care about what you have or dont have. I love you”
They both gave each other a long hug and spent the rest of the day together.
The unexpected quiz was over, Mr. Edwards took the papers and went to his office. Nana Ama followed him and went in to the office together with him.
“How may i help you lady”mMr. Edward asked.
Nana Ama: “Sir, well i couldn’t do the quiz you conducted and i was wondering if there is anything i could do, whether to resit or anything at all.”
Mr. Edward knew what Nana Ama was trying to offer. But he needed to play smart about it because of what Adobea and Fii did to him.
“Lady, there is no resit with my quizzes, the only way is for you to study hard and back up” he answered
Nana Ama giggled as Mr.Edward tried to be difficult. She decided to call a spade a spade. She looked around and saw the brown envelope which contained the pictures of Mr. Edward and Adobea together back at the hotel.
“Sir, or better still Mr Edward, you know, its funny when you are trying to prove difficult but you see, you have already had your way with Adobea of which i already have copies of what that envelope contains. So cut it all out. We can settle it right here, right now or we can meet up somewhere later, its your choice.” Nana Ama just hit the nail on the head.
Mr Edward’s face dropped with shock. He had no option besides he thinks he could use Nana Ama to get what he wants from Adobea.
To be continued.