"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 13 – Nana Ama, i may be a bit drunk, but am not stupid


She was right, it was Adobea. She knocked several times on the door but no answer. She went ahead to open the door, upon which she saw Fii and Nana Ama in bed together.
Naturally you would have thought Adobea will make a scene, but as much she was hurt seeing them together, she halted in drawing up conclusion.
Nana Ama pretended to be far asleep beside Fii. Adobea went closer to bed to wake up Fii giving a blind eye to Nana Ama. She didn’t expect this reaction from Adobea. Her plan was failing. She woke up and made utterances.
“Lady, don’t you have any respect, how can u budge into someone’s room like that.”
Adobea giggled and said “Am so sorry woman, but you are not the one am looking for so just shush and be where you are”
Fii got up immediately when he heard voices in his room, He didn’t notice Nana Ama was even beside him. His eyes gazed at Adobea. Amidst all this, he felt good to have seen Adobea again. That instant He wanted to just jump off the bed and hug Adobea, that was when he noticed that he was not alone in bed.
He turned and saw Nana Ama who was half naked beside him.
“And what are you also doing here dressed like this?
As soon as he spoke, Adobea smelled Alcohol on him and begun thinking outside the box, she just kept it cool and didn’t want to react.
“Oh Fii, you must be tired, come on, go back to bed.”
Nana Ama.
“Look, i may be a bit drunk, but my mind and memory still work, i remember everything, so get up, take up your clothes and get out of here now”
Nana Ama knowing the embarrassment befalling her bust out into crocodile tears.
“Fii” She called.
“I said get out, before i loose my temper” Fii commanded her.
She had no option now, she packed her things, wore her clothes and got ready to set off. Before going out she made this statement to Adobea who was standing close to the entrance
“You may have won this time, but you haven’t seen the last of me”
Having said this she walked out. The hatred and anger in her just got triggered. She hated Adobea the more and told herself that she will go to the extreme to bring her down and win back the love of Fii even if it will cost her life.
Adobea on the other hand just wanted her relationship to get back on track, and she was willing to tell Fii everything about her life. She was not concerned about what had happened now.
“Fii, am sorry for whatever happened today. I have alot of things to tell u…” Adobea said.
“Baby, we can do that in the morning, i think i messed up too. For now, just come beside me and lets sleep it off.”
Sounded like a good idea to her. She came to lie beside him in bed. Fii placed his hands around her and cuddled her from behind, They really missed each other.
Fii whispered into her “I love you” Adobea smiled back and responded her majestic soft voice
“I know you do, i love you too”
To be continued.


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