“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 3


It was the birthday of Daniel’s mother. He had sent her text messages and called her before he left the house that day. Daniel had also promised that he would check on his mother with his wife, Nora after work that day. The evil guys had taken Nora away already while a car halted behind Daniel’s car. The car had honked severally for Daniel to leave the way, the driver never knew something had happened. The driver got down out of anger to challenge Daniel when he met a shot dead body in the vehicle. He shivered instantly, trembling with fear as he rushed back to his vehicle and kicked the engine.
As he was about to speed off, he marched on the brake again and wondered if he could help. Firstly, he was afraid if it was a set up to get someone. He knew what the world had turned into already, setting people up in various ways just to get their valuables.
Secondly, how sure was he that he wouldn’t be referred to as the murderer? He shook his head in disagreement to try his assistance, but felt it would be unkind of him, by the way, his conscience wouldn’t give him peace. He got down and walked slowly to the car again, shivering as he held Daniel’s wrist to feel his pulse.
“He’s no longer breathing.” He muttered. Dropping his hand, he saw his mobile phone on the penguin hole of the car and picked it up. He checked the last person he called and found Best Mother. He quickly dialed the mobile number.
“Hello. There’s a problem. Could you come to Grace Road, along Best Way
Companies?” He enquired as he paused for a moment.
“Just come first, but there’s a problem.” He said and ended the call, still
wondering if he wouldn’t get into trouble.
“This man’s dead.” He said again.
** ** **
“You haven’t told me your name, my sister.” David said as he drove on.
“Sorry, I’m Gloria.” She replied.
“That’s a great name! Sister Gloria.” He grinned.
“Seeing you, you must also be a good Christian.” He said.
“Sure, I am a Christian.” She nodded.
“You?” “Abegii.. I am just David, I don’t believe in either Jesus or Allah.
There’s no God, don’t let us just deceive ourselves.”
“No, Mr. David, you’re wrong. There’s God! A living one!” Gloria affirmed. David chuckled.
“I know you’ll start battling with me, but, there’s one question I use to defeat everyone who believes in God’s existence.” He smiled.
“So? You can ask me and let’s see if I’ll be defeated too.” She faced him.
“Have you ever seen your God before, I mean face to face now?” He asked. Gloria chuckled.
“So, who are those you usually ask this question that can defeat you? I have seen him severally and even you!” She said with passion.
“Don’t trick me, even if you have seen him before, I have never! A God I can’t see doesn’t exist!”
“You definitely have seen him before, but you never knew you saw him.”
“You are just beating about the bush, sister.”
“The book of Exodus 25:8 says, let them construct a sanctuary for Me, that I may dwell among them. Firstly, when you prepare your heart to see God, you will. Now, God is not who you can see physically, but deep inside you, when you build a sanctuary for him, you’ll feel his absolute presence!”
“So, before I see your God, I have to build a sanctuary? I hope your company will supply me with materials.” He laughed.
“The sanctuary the Bible’s talking about is your heart! What is a church? You are a church! That’s it, the building in which we are worshipping God is not the church, it is just a building! We people worshiping inside the building are the church! So, it’s your heart God needs, not a building!”
“Matthew 5:8 says blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. When you make up your heart, you will see him in various dimensions!” She spoke with passion as she continued,
“the book of Jeremiah 29:13 also says you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. So, how do you expect yourself to see God when you are not in right terms with him? How can we be fighting with you and you’ll decide to award our company with a multimillionaire project? That’s just what it means! Proverbs 6:1 also says can you be in sin and ask for grace to abound? You can’t fight God; you can’t be against him and ever want him to reveal himself!” David sighed.
“Gloria, no one has ever quoted this much to me. Na you write Bible? But
honestly, you just hit me with words.”
“This is not about hitting you with words. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, that’s all.”
“If I now want to experience God’s presence what do I do?” David asked.
“Just surrender all to him, let him guide you, then you’ll know that you’re
seeing him! Then you’ll know he’s not a dead God because he will be speaking to you.”
“Gloria..” David just called her name softly.
“I’m a great sinner. I’m absolutely sure your God can never accept me!” He shook his head. Gloria smiled.
“That’s wrong. My God loves sinners but just distastes sins, that?s just it. If you confess those sins and start walking in his way, you’ll really know of his existence.”
“I want to know more about this man.” He said. Gloria smiled. Thank you for this soul, Lord. She thought within herself.
“Can I have your mobile number?” She asked as she brought out her mobile phone.
“Sure.” David grabbed the phone and punched in his mobile number.
** ** **
to be continue