“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 2


Gloria stepped out of her house. She had just finished praying after she had dressed up for her place of work. Her soul had been lifted by her sister’s words the day before and had made up her mind to let go of Alex. She had even been brewing if she should just delete his mobile number away from her mobile phone. She hated herself for going into a relationship with someone God never approved for her.
God, bring the right man! She had been muttering around the house till even that morning. As she stopped to pick up a cab, a car screeched to halt beside her. She moved backward as she took some steps to her left, wondering if the vehicle had probably stopped to get something around. She stood akimbo, expecting a cab until a young man came down from the vehicle.
“Hello.” He waved at her. She looked by her left to see the fellow who just
waved. She bowed as she greeted back.
“Good morning.” She said. The guy slammed the door of his vehicle as he wiped his mouth and pocketed his car key. He was about six feet and two inches tall, dressed his black suit with a low cut hairstyle. He was handsome, had a nice redolence even in his pair of black and shining Italian shoes.
“I waited for you, dear.” He said. Is this one a Christian? Gloria wondered as she assessed him. Does it even matter? Bible said in Isaiah that we shouldn’t judge, who am I to assume things already? But wait, why did he even stop because me?
“Me?” She dimmed her eyes as she asked, transferring her pure black leather back to her right hand.
“Yes. I’m David.” He stretched his hand for a handshake. He’s a Christian, but he’s dressed as if he’s off to office? Who’s asking him all these?
“That’s nice.” She just gave a faint smile.
“I’m sorry, but I’ve stopped to get you to your destination.” David said. Does he know my destination? Gloria wondered.
“You’re funny.” She chuckled.
“You don’t know my destination and you’ve talked as If you know where I’m off to.” David chuckled too as he wiped his face.
“I’m Makinde David; I came to Maverick Companies yesterday concerning the contract…”
“Ooh…” Gloria remembered him then. He came to their company the previous day but she didn’t even see him, she only heard that Makinde David came around to see the Director of the company. Gloria just started working with Maverick Companies that supplied building materials to sites and companies where they were needed.
“But I didn’t see you, yesterday, Sir.” She smiled.
“You were busy writing, but I actually saw you as I was about to leave your company.” He smiled.
“Thanks for recognizing me again.” She smiled too.
“We don’t need all these here, I’m off to your company again, can I just drop you off?” He raised his brows and shoulders, in quest to know if she’d agree.
“Urgh…” Gloria smiled. She wasn’t so comfortable with the offer, but at least she knew him already now.
“Alright.” She nodded. David walked to the passenger’s seat and got the door open.
“You can sit down.” He smiled. Opening the door for a lady to sit, hmmn… I hope you just want to drop me off and that’s all.
“Thanks.” She grinned as she sat down and David closed the door gently. He hopped into the car and kicked the engine.
** ** **
to be continued