“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 14


If I had known, wouldn’t I have believed in God? Wouldn’t I have given him the wheel of my life to drive? I never read the Bible, but getting here, Bibles were distributed to us. It is better for those who are outside the prison to start reading the Bible so that they won’t read it when they eventually get to the prison. No one is here to teach me about Christ before I start knowing him. I wish I followed Gloria to Church when she was calling me. I wish I never lived my life in a reckless way. What even planted that evil thought of killing Daniel in my mind? What actually prompted me to kidnap Nora?
I thought I was in love, but that was lust! I never loved God, how could I have loved any other person better. As I have read in Matthew, Loving God is the greatest commandment which even hangs all the prophets. If I never loved God, could I have loved either Gloria or Nora better? Certainly No! It pays to listen when one have the chance to listen! It pays to live one’s life as if one would die tomorrow! Prison is not a good place for one to be. It is even better to be here than the hell fire I read in the Bible. The description alone, according to John the beloved that wrote the book of Revelations frightened me. How can fire be burning a soul and you’ll be in the eternal pain without suffering? If I get another chance, I’ll live my life for no one else, but God!
** ** **
Daniel was already in Nigeria, but still struggling with his speech. His
utterances weren‟t clear like before and he still couldn‟t walk on his feet. All thanks to God and the wheelchair that had been supporting him. Nora had never taken a break! She was always running up and down even in her condition just to make sure Daniel was fine. She could read the passion on his face whenever they were together. Sometimes, she‟d cry her eyesout, wondering if her husband would be able to talk like a normal human again, if he would be able to walk on his feet again. Though the Doctors that operated him abroad had told them he would still be fine, so far he was with his loved ones who would care for him.
But it was seven months already! He still couldn‟t talk or walk! Though, he was getting better day by day, but she expected him to be whole already. For how long!
** ** **
It was a cool Saturday evening. The breeze was blowing softly by the side of the beach and there were lovers and families around the beach to have a view and enjoy their lives like David and Gloria. The two were under the shed with a drink.
David had told Gloria earlier that he would like to take her to somewhere she would love to go to and She really loved it, from all indications. She had been smiling and drinking with David for a while now as both of kept running conversations on their secondary school life.
“I just wish that time can just come back!” Gloria had said severally.
“Indeed one of the best moments of one‟s life. A moment you‟ll think it‟s tough and after that time, you‟d just want that time to come back to life. Honestly those teachers were bombs then! I can never forget the English our economics teach spoke when I was in Senior Secondary School Two; she was like – „if you don’t pay your tax, it is an offend.‟” They both burst into laughter.
“That‟s hilarious!” She passed her comment.
“I just can‟t forget. Because when she said it, I couldn‟t hold back my laughter, not knowing that the woman knew she just committed a blunder. She caught one of us laughing and dealt with the guy. She was now telling the guy to look at me, that I never laughed at her.”
“But you actually did. May God forgive you.”
“Honestly, it was not easy at all. I didn‟t laugh at teachers‟ blunders but that was too much! I couldn‟t resist the laughter!”
“May God just forgive you.” They continued chitchatting for hours until Gloria said it was high time they left. “
Before we leave, I want to ask you one question.”
“What question?” She faced him. David smiled.
“I‟ll be right back.” He stood up and left hurriedly.
** ** **
Alex had just finished preaching to some of his mates while they were cutting down bushes in the prison. He was now being called Pastor by even warders in charge of them. Since he knew what the truth was, he had been preaching the gospel to everyone he met. He had learnt humility to even prisoners younger than him. He had promised himself that the twenty years he was meant to use in the prison, would be to God‟s glory and service if he was still alive. He was already a role model of many prisoners already, letting peace reign in everything they did in the prison there. He was surely a great testimony of God‟s change.
** ** **
David walked back briskly, sweating profusely.
“Let‟s get going.” He said to her.
“I thought you said you wish to ask me one question, why the sudden change of heart?” She wondered.
“You‟ll get the question very soon. Let‟s just get going, ma.” He smiled. Gloria chuckled.
“Alright, Sir.” She stood up and they got going already. As they got to where they parked the car, David opened the door for her to enter and crossed to the driver‟s seat after shutting the door. As Gloria entered, she could see a white teddy bear hanging in front of her with red inscriptions on it –
“Will you marry me?” David just entered and pretended as if he knew nothing. Gloria had smiled as she saw the teddy bear. At least it was there she sat while they were coming, there was nothing of such there. It must be that was what he just came around to do
“When did you get this teddy?” Gloria asked David, smiling. Dave chuckled.
“I bought it for you. You can just take it with you.”
“Honestly, you‟re funny.” She smiled and detached the teddy bear.
** ** **
Gloria walked into her aunt‟s place slowly. David had dropped her off at her place but she wished to see her aunt that day. As soon as she was sure David was gone, she stopped a cab as quick as she could and hurried on. She was very happy about the proposal; on the other hand, she wasn‟t sure if the answer she could give him. Though it was over seven months they met already, does that mean they were real good and fit to go? She took her seat and waited for her aunt who had told her to come inside the living room from inside. Soon, the woman stepped out in a gown, smiling.
“Gloria dear.”
“Aunty, I am here again oh. Good evening, ma.” She greeted.
“How are you? You even look radiant.” She grinned and sat down beside her.
“Thanks for the compliments. How has been the Church, ma?” She nodded.
“God has been working out his ways. What brought you here this evening, Gloria.” She smiled.
“I already told you about the friend I have..”
“David?” Pastor interrupted. Gloria nodded.
“He proposed to me this evening, ma.”
“Wow!” She clapped her hands together with joy written all over her face.
“I‟m really happy, Gloria.” She rubbed her shoulder.
“Thanks a lot, ma.” She tilted her head, smiling.
“You are highly welcome. So you came to tell me that, is that not?” She
“Yes. But what really brought me is my approach. How do I really know if this guy won‟t turnout like Alex?” Pastor chuckled.
“Dear Sister, first of all, you also shouldn‟t have that mentality that all guys are the same, they actually are not. It‟s just the same way as ladies, as we have good ones, we also have horrible ones too. Fingers are not equal. Back to what you asked, you said the guy was an unbeliever, am I right?” She nodded in replying her.
“How far has he grown spiritually?” She enquired.
“He attends my church and he‟s been wonderful. He has even been added to the sub- brothers coordinators because of his great spiritual growth. He attends almost all the programs in church and he‟s been great.”
“So pleased to hear that, I‟m happy. So, if he has grown so well, he has a high percentage of you. I have told you, a lady cannot just say „yes‟ to a guy without going back to God and asking God if he‟s really the one. If you had done that for Alex, God would have shown you a long time back, but you wasted the time. Dear, all you just have to do is to go back to God and keep asking.”
“How do I get convinced?” She enquired, with squinty eyes.
“You can hear from God, can‟t you? God can send you messages anyhow he feels like! It might be when you are reading the Bible, you might just see someone who would come and meet you and tell you God sent him or her to you for confirmation. Dear, anything can happen.” She explained. Gloria was relieved.
“Thanks so much, ma. God bless you.”
** ** **
To be continued