“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 13


Nora was already lying on the hospital bed. She opened her heavy eyes and spotted Gloria, right beside her. The face looked so much familiar but she couldn?t remember where exactly she saw the face. She dimmed her eyes and gave her a second look but she still couldn?t remember where she knew her.
“You’re awake now? Has the pains subsided?” Gloria asked her quickly. Nora nodded with a smile.
“I am not sure if you know me, but I have seen your face before.”.
“Sure, I have seen you before, but can’t actually fathom where exactly.” Nora smiled.
“Probably at Esmak Plaza, where I met your husband and where you met Alex that day.” Gloria reminded her.
“Oooh…” Nora smiled.
“That’s true.” Gloria laughed. She stood and crossed her hands.
“How are you now? Hope the pains are not much?” She enquired.
“Not really. I never knew you were a Doctor.” She continued smiling.
“Doctor?” Gloria laughed.
“I am not a Doctor.” She replied. Nora was surprised. What is she now doing here? She wondered.
“I was the one knocking at Alex’s door when you were shouting for help. I had to invite the officers who helped you out.”
“What? Really?” Nora tried to sit up. Gloria took some steps forward quickly.
“No please, you don’t have to! You really have to get some rest, sister.” Nora smiled broadly. Tears had formed on her eyes already as she heard that it was Gloria’s work.
“I’m forever grateful to you… em.. please remember your name.”
“I’m Gloria.” She grinned as she spoke. Nora chuckled.
“Thanks so much, God will bless you.” She added.
“But, why did you do that? At least Alex is your Fiancé, or am I wrong?”
“Even if he were to be, I’d still have done what I did. He was hurting you,
wasn’t he? How will he be doing that and I won’t be able to rescue you?” Nora didn?t even know what more to say, she just kept quiet for a while before she could speak again.
“I am really grateful, Gloria.”
“It’s nothing, Nora. But how’s Daniel now? I haven?t seen him. How do we contact him?” Gloria enquired.
There was a brief silence. Nora began to cry as Gloria asked her the questions.
“Daniel was shot dead the day I was kidnapped. He was shot by his forehead and I was taken away. Daniel is.. he is gone..”
“No… He is alive!” Tonia bustled in.
Daniel is what? Nora thought within herself instantly.
“Sister Tonia.” She quickly arose from the bed as she saw her.
“Dear Nora, how are you today?” Tonia flashed her teeth before her, grinning.
“Daniel… Daniel? Where is Daniel? Alive?”
“Just take it easy, dear. He’s alive but… He’s not fine.” Nora’s eyes formed tears already.
“Where’s Daniel? Where’s he?” She was panting.
“Not here in Nigeria. He’s currently under treatment but the gunshot wound has affected his fore brain which controls speech and movement.” She told her sadly.
“Anyways, that’s an issue for another day. How are you doing? What did that beast do to you?” She quickly asked her.
“When will I see Daniel?” She was still more concerned about Daniel than any other discussion.
“Can’t he talk again? Tell me something.” She began to cry.
“Dear, you have to be fine as I have said. Just get well, there’s more to be
“Sister Tonia.” Gloria called her, smiling. She looked beside her and saw Gloria. She couldn’t remember where exactly she knew the face, but it was so familiar.
“Em.. sorry, I’m trying to remember you, ma.” She smiled.
“Wow! This is Gloria. The one who got lost many years back.” Gloria said. she tried to remember as she dimmed her eyes.
“Gloria… You!” She exclaimed. She could now remember her vividly. She was the one Daniel was in love with before she got lost.
“How are you?” She moved closer with a glowing face.
“I’m doing great.” She grinned.
“Wow! You just got missing like that? That’s a story for another day. But what are you doing here? Where’s the lady that the officers told me that helped them to locate Nora?” She looked around.
“She’s the one, Sis. She was the one who saved me from Alex’s.”
“Do you guys know each other? By the way, who is this goat called Alex?”
“We got to know each other through Daniel. Alex is her fiancé.”
“No, he was. We dissolved everything long time back.” Tonia clapped her hands together.
“I am still in the dark. That means Gloria have met Daniel already, right?” Gloria chuckled.
“A funny day, it was.” Nora smiled too.
“They have met. They actually met a day to our wedding.” She explained. Tonia swooshed out a long breath from her nostrils.
“Anyways, we’ll talk about all that later. I’m just happy everyone’s back
“So, Daniel?” Nora asked Tonia again. Tonia smiled.
“Take a rest, dear.
” ** ** **
to be continued