"My Wife And I …" season 1 episode 4


Yes, we have said it before, haven’t we? Thank God we even talked about
the dress we would put on today before everything crashed now. But wait,
what’s up with this thanksgiving we are going for today? What’s in this
marriage that worth thanksgiving? Now, how can I give proper thanks to
God when I’m hungry? How is someone going to sit in church and
would listen to the Pastor with an empty stomach? Haha! Daniel, ko
possible na, at all! I know I’m just going to church for going sake today
unless I get something to eat.
But wait, what’s up with Nora? Why has she been behaving this way? I have
said it that I wouldn’t invite anyone to come and settle any dispute between
my wife and I, but how would this just end? Why did she sleep in a different
room? Why?
Why did he hug that lady? He should have known I hugged Alex because I
wasn’t in my right state of mind, it wasn’t deliberate. I know he hugged that
lady because I also hugged Alex.
But what else have I done now? Why’s he not talking to me? I don’t think he has eaten his meal, if I try to speak to him now and he just snubs me, what will I do? I don’t wish to tell my friends about this, but who will solve all this problems of ours?
Tomorrow is February 14, should I keep hoping he will surprise me tomorrow? He didn’t even greet me a good morning, he didn’t behave like he saw me at all.
Nora walked into the dining room and hastened to the food she covered. I
didn’t leave it this way. She muttered as she took a close look at the plates
and smiled as she opened it.
“He didn’t eat it.” She frowned as she saw that.
He had probably came to check what I cooked and snubbed my food away,
she had thought as she looked sad and sighed, rushing to the living room to
get her pair of wedge shoes on. She had dressed in a black suit and looked
so perfect, waiting for Daniel to come out in black suit too.
After she saw him come out and was sure he also had black suit on, she
quickly motioned to her car and called on the driver.
“Off we go.” She said.
Daniel waited for a while again and kept glancing at the food. He didn’t
know if he should just eat the food or just leave for church and would
get something to eat after the service.
“Best option.” He muttered as he entered into his car and drove off to
** ** **
to be continued