MY WEDDING NIGHT…. Episode 8 – Nancy my best old pal warn me about Damian


“You have to hold on tight dear, we are getting you out in no time. The detective promised to give you special treatment. So just hold on for a little longer” my brother begged before leaving with my dad.
However my day never had a dull moment because soon after they left, two of my colleagues came to see me as if they cared. I already knew they simply came to confirm things with their eyes, but that’s one of the things in life we have no control over. No matter what we do, we must have haters, we must have people who pretend to care and we also must have people whose only motive is to bring you down.
Later in the afternoon, my friend Nancy also came to see me. It really was painful receiving such visits in a police cell. Yea you guys should just for a moment reflect how it feels to be receiving your friends and colleagues, days after your wedding in a police cell. Horrible isn’t it??.
Nancy shed real tears on seeing me, her face coloured deeply. The shock in her very apparent. “I heard Rumours, I never believed till this very moment” she said quietly. I swallowed hard and nodded.
Nancy was my old time pal. We attended the same university, stayed in the same hostel and did our Nysc the same time, though in different states. Her parents were a bit wealthy and lived in the capital city. She returned to live with them after Nysc while i came over to live with my brother. However i was fortunate to get a good job while she managed a little teaching job in her neighbourhood. We still remained very close even after we disagreed over Damian. She was of the opinion that i was being overly ambitious, insisting that i was throwing away my life for money. I guess she was right?, but she merely objected to my relationship with Damian simply because i dropped my young boyfriend whom she much preferred, in order to move on with Damian.
Yea Justice was the boy’s name, we were age mates and equally served {NYSC} the same time. He was a good kid but c’mon i couldn’t waste my future by waiting for him. He was even yet to get a job till the very moment i landed in the police cell.
Justice had a lot to do before thinking of settling down and i couldn’t take the risk of waiting for him. At least i was good enough to keep him till we rounded up with Nysc unlike some of my course mates who dumped their boyfriends to get married in final year.
“Damian brought only trouble just like i feared. My God this is a terrible Nightmare” Nancy sobbed. I simply stared at her, not knowing what to say. But just that exact second, detective Jeremiah showed up with a dark smile.
“you may not like the news i bear” he announced and came forward while i almost fainted with fear…. I couldn’t bear taking another bad news.
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