MY WEDDING NIGHT…. Episode 7 – the white women in the house all look the same


By 8am the next day, my brother showed up with my old father and detective Jeremiah. They all look very serious and tired. My heart bled as i saw tears form in my old man’s eyes. “my darling you shouldn’t be here” he breathed painfully. I forced out a smile to assure him that i was alright. “don’t worry sir, we are coming close to solving this case. I’m working round the clock to make sure i solve the puzzles in the case. In no time your daughter will be out of here” the detective said to him. “Officer please tell us what you have gotten so far. Tell us how far you have gotten” my brother asked anxiously. “you know it isn’t in our conduct to be revealing our investigations to people but nevertheless i will tell you guys how far i have gotten” he answered, while my brother nodded desperately.
“i worked on this case all through the night and i came to a conclusion that two people were involved in the murder. Moreover one of the security men in the house admitted seeing a white lady head to the garden at the exact time the crime might have been committed” he revealed while i jumped up hopefully. “you should arrest the lady right away, isn’t the testimony enough to vindicate me?” i asked breathlessly. The detective shook his head and looked down. “i’m sorry but it isn’t enough. The security man admitted seeing a woman head to the garden. He never said he saw her kill your husband, moreover the knife cut in your husband’s chest was strong and deep. I doubt if any lady can strike so hard. A lady equally can’t be able to drag your husband’s body from the garden to his bedroom unless of course she was assisted.
The fracture on his noise equally brought up another fact that the murderer might have sneaked from behind, strongly cut off his breathe by covering his nose and mouth with one hand while burying the knife in his chest. Something a woman will find very hard to do. Anyway we are still running DNA tests which will help us put more things together” he concluded, while i sighed with desperation. “c’mon can’t you just drill the woman that was spotted at the scene instead of wasting the time we don’t have. Who is the woman, who is she?” i asked curiously.
The officer shrugged. “the security man unfortunately couldn’t identify her. According to him all the white women in the house that night looked the same to him” he answered, shook hands with my brother and left. My father came forward and stared at me for some seconds, tears blinding his vision. “i’m going to the village today. I’m going to visit the only living soothsayer in our clan. He can reveal the murderer for us” he informed me slowly. I couldn’t believe my ears. “dad noooo, you can’t do that. You can’t abandon your Christian believe for my sake. You are a strong catholic dad. It hasn’t gotten to that” i pleaded. “i can’t sit, watch and do nothing. Your mother barely managed to survive the night. I must do something, i’m still the head and protector of my family” he said strongly. I bit my lips and looked at my brother for support, but all he did was just shrug. It was obvious they had all agreed on it before visiting me. Episode 8 loading
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