MY WEDDING NIGHT….. Episode 3 – American Embassy getting involved


As soon as i got to the police station, I called my elder brother who couldn’t believe all i told him. “hold on tight my dear. I’ll be there shortly” he assured me. I was quickly led to an office where i was asked to write a statement, which i nervously did while Damian’s two cousins who came with me kept talking to each other. After writing all i knew on the note book, a female officer showed up to question me. I tried my best to convince her.
“just look at me. How possible do you think a Nigerian girl would murder a husband taking her out of the country to celebrate their marriage?. I didn’t do it. One of them did. You got to help me” i begged. She shrugged and shook her head. “of course i believe you. You have no reason to kill him but you see i’m just an ordinary officer taking orders from my superiors, anyway i believe my boss. S.P Jeremiah will know how to handle your case. He’s a good man and a crime expert” she assured me.
My brother showed up minutes later with his Lawyer who quickly took over my case. I told them all i knew and the events that happened after i discovered the dead body. My brother was totally shocked. “don’t worry my dear. I know this is going to be a tough case. I smell the American Embassy getting involved but be rest assured that i will go any length to prove your innocence, even if it means getting experts from abroad. I have friends who can examine the case and get results” he promised seriously. I breathed deeply and hugged him, thanking God for giving me a wealthy and intelligent brother.
Officer Jeremiah soon showed up at his office and requested for our presence. Damian’s cousins officially accused me before him, asking that i should be detained but my brother’s lawyer intervened quickly. “officer i hope you know everyone that passed the night in that house is a suspect?. They all had access to the bedroom, anyone of them could have committed the crime. If you guys are going to detain my client without proper evidence and reason. You equally should detain all the people present that night, else i will be the person to file a lawsuit against the police, after all none of them can come forward to testify seeing my client murder her husband” the lawyer threatened, putting the officer in a tight position.
“fine i’m not going to detain her, but you will have to sign a document which places her in your custody. This is a murder case” the officer said strongly, while my brother’s lawyer nodded in acceptance, Damian’s cousins protested.
The document was signed in no time and i was free to go. “we are also getting a court permit which will enable us get our own team of investigators and go through the case. We are not going to take any chances” my lawyer said to the officer who shrugged and smiled.
“this is bullshit, we are heading to the embassy” Damian’s cousins threatened and left with anger. It was obvious i had a long case ahead of me. Luckily i had a brother who equally had the means to defend me and catch the culprit….
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