MY WEDDING NIGHT…. Episode 16 – let’s go home first. I want to see mum


my wedding night
“so when do you plan heading to the house?” the detective asked seconds later. “it should be tonight, by 10pm. The neighbourhood will be dark and lonely by that time” i answered quickly. “that’s okay but without a good recorder and hand gloves, i doubt if your mission will be successful. I can get them for you. Thank me later” he offered with a smile.
“oh thanks very much. You are indeed an angel” i thanked him. “i think we are forgetting something. We are yet to come up with a plan on how to get her out of this place without your colleagues noticing” my brother queried suspiciously.
“leave that to me. I’ll get your sister out myself, but you will be right outside the premises to pick her up. You will be the person to drive her to the house” the detective said while my brother nodded in agreement. “now get ready, in thirty minutes we should be out of here” he added.
“but it’s still 6:30pm i thought she’s breaking into the house by 10pm?” my brother asked with surprise. “yea she is, but i can’t be able to get her out of this place by that time. I can only get her out in thirty minutes while you take her to your house or anywhere till showtime” he answered. I breathed deeply. I really was nervous.
By 7:15pm that fateful evening, the detective took me out of my cell and helped me out of the compound by hiding me in his car. We had no problem leaving the police premises. It really was the most easiest part of the plan. In a couple of minutes we arrived at the agreed rendezvous where my brother was already waiting. As i made to alight from the detective’s car, he held me back and stared at me with a worried look.
“please be careful. Here is the recorder i promised. It’s very small, uses micro card and has high recording capability. It’s already charged” he said with care, as he gave me the recorder with little lecture on how to use it. “here are the gloves as well. You need no lecture on how to use them” he joked.
“please don’t disappoint me” he begged. I nodded, gave him a reassuring smile and alighted from his car. The detective was just a perfect gentleman. “so what now?” my brother asked as i joined him in his car. “let’s go home first. I want to see mum” i answered quietly. He gave me a long look, licked his lips and drove me home without another word.
10pm arrived much faster than i expected. I soon found myself at the back of my husband’s house with my heart pounding furiously while my eyes examined the fence as i prepared to scale it. Yea i was born and raised in the village among boys. I knew how to climb perfectly well. My only fear was on how to achieve my mission without being detected.
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