MY WEDDING NIGHT Episode 15 – i can sneak up on Esther and make her confess.


my wedding night
“so tell us what you have in mind?” the detective asked curiously. “well before i say anything, I’ll like to know if the so called Esther that got me into this mess is still staying at my husband’s house?” i asked while the detective nodded. “yes she is at the house. She chose staying there with your mother in law and four other people while the rest moved to a hotel but my department is still in possession of all their passports. So what has that got to do with your plan?” he answered and asked seriously.
“a lot officer. It has a lot to do with my plans” i answered calmly “yes go on” my brother urged desperately. “i can sneak into the compound, sneak up on Esther and make her confess. I know the house very well and i very much know the weak spots i can use in gaining access to any room i so desire” i poured out breathlessly. My brother scoffed while the detective laughed.
“you must be kidding, how on earth can you get her to confess?” my brother asked with disbelief “have you forgotten that i’m a woman. I know how to get a fellow woman to talk. Moreover Esther won’t find it hard opening up her mouth, since to her, i’m good as dead and it equally would be her word against mine. But if i can record everything with my phone without her knowledge, won’t the case be solved?. Please just allow me to have access to the house, i’m very sure i can do it” i pleaded desperately. The detective scratched his head and breathed deeply.
“have you forgotten that you are supposed to be in police cell?. How do i explain your disappearance?. No no no, even though your plan sounds tempting, i can’t allow it. I can’t put my ass on the line in such way” he said slowly, while i grabbed him strongly. “this is the only chance i got, please help me. If things go bad you can say i escaped from jail. You can fabricate anything and put on me. Please i beg of you” i begged passionately. He breathed deeply and nodded.
“fine i’m in but if things go bad, you are on your own” he accepted, drawing great smile from me with his words. I hugged him with gratitude. “just pray it doesn’t go bad. This is the only shot you got to redeem yourself. Don’t waste it” he advised while i nodded. It all appeared too easy to say but deep down i knew it was a very difficult task with high risk of failing. However I was very determined to carry it out. After all i had nothing to lose trying.
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