My Wedding Night Episode 12 – The murder weapon had only your mother in law’s prints on it.


I know you are helping me officer but you got to do more, you have to try every necessary means to free me. Please i beg of you” i cried, kneeling before Detective Jeremiah who quickly looked away with embarrassment” “please madam stand up, don’t kneel for me, i’m not God” he begged but i still knelt, shedding more tears.
A junior officer came into the detective’s office that moment bearing a file. “here are the rest of the results sir” he said to the detective who quickly snatched the file from him while i looked on hopefully. “you can leave now” he dismissed the officer before going through the file. “nothing new jeez, this case is really something else” he said to himself as he went through the file while i swallowed hard, confused on what next to do. “does it mean i’m going to hang for a crime i didn’t commit?. Can’t you run more tests” i asked curiously. “my dear our police department is one of the best in Africa. I have conducted all the necessary tests including fingerprint and DNA matching. The people that killed your husband had it well planned out and left no trace of anything. The only clear prints found on your husband’s body belongs to you, the rest are blurred. The murder weapon had only your mother in law’s prints on it. So you see there is nothing we can use from the test results, we have nothing. The person that killed your husband probably wore gloves, only if we can get those gloves” he concluded,
while i cried out with the last strength in me. “hey shut up, you are in the police station, don’t you know?” the detective frowned and stood up. “please shoot me, shoot me, shoot me” i begged with tears, forcing him to look away once again. “seriously madam, this is slowly slipping from me. I have only two options left, which are pretty hard” he said and swallowed hard while i stared at him hopefully, wiping my tears.
“Number one. I play the good cop bad cop tactics on Esther, by secretly getting another audience with her. This time with another officer. We will then present some selling lies and my colleague will ask for money to keep us quiet. Most whites think we are all corrupt. So i feel she will buy my offer, and through that opportunity, i can get her to talk. The only bad side of it, is that if it goes bad, i can be fired from the force.
The second option is presenting my facts to your mother inlaw, get her to reveal more details about her white guests to me. I’ll then do what we call profiling, which will enable me get the man who killed your husband. Esther is no fool, she had no time to hire a local hitman. She probably brought the killer along as her brother, cousin or friend. The only bad side of this plan is that it may take more than two days to accomplish which then leaves us with one option which you must do yourself to avoid trial. If i fail to meet up with the deadline” he concluded seriously. “so what’s the option?” i asked. “oh it’s very dangerous. A very dangerous option” he murmured. Episode 13 loading…
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