My Wedding Night Episode 11- two days officer. You have just two days


Esther tried opening her mouth to say something, but the lawyer quickly held her hand, stopping her. “don’t say anything. The officer is bluffing. He’s trying to make you say something that could incriminate you” he said to her before facing detective Jeremiah. “if you really have the evidence to arrest my client, then go ahead, arrest her. But if you don’t, then shut the fuck up and do your goddamn work. Mind you, time is running out and you have only two days. The next time you will see me will be in court” he threatened, shocking the detective with his words.
Of course not only the detective was shocked, I equally was very shocked because Esther was probably seconds away from confessing or making an unguided comment before the lawyer recovered himself and stopped her. “two days officer. You have just two days, else i will tear you apart in court” the lawyer threatened and dragged Esther out of the office.
“we were just close to making a breakthrough damn” the detective hissed with despair after they left. “so what next?” i asked with fear. He breathed deeply, opened the case file on his table, went through it and shook his head. “things are slowly adding up in your favour but we don’t have time on our side. We surely need a miracle” he replied, mooked up at me and smiled to make me feel relaxed but i surely wasn’t.
“remember we talked about the possibility of your husband going out to the garden the night he was killed to either smoke or see someone?” he said while i nodded. “according to the report in this file, there wasn’t any cigarette stick, ashes nor even anything similar found at the garden which then leaves us with one theory. He went out there to see someone, probably Esther, before a stronger person grabbed him from behind and stabbed him” he concluded. “how then do we find the mystery man that struck the fatal blow which killed my husband?” i asked desperately. The detective shrugged. “that’s what i’m saying, we need more time, as it stands, Esther alone probably holds all the answers but we can’t touch her” he replied with resignation. Tears instantly dropped from my eyes. The police had every reason to detain Esther but couldn’t because she was a foreigner. Instead i was the person being detained without due process. How bad can things get??
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