My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 2


Previously On My Personal Love Experience

I was dating a girl by name Nana Yaa. She really loved me and i also love her but i was somehow scared because she was from a well to do family whiles i am from the opposite…

‘its not your background I am dating. Its you i love and nothing can change  that..she said”

I was still scared she might dump me… She showed me love and really cared about me…

She was not just my love but like my real sister… She was so good to me. she was staying at Kasoa and i am at Odorkor…

When my friends got to know her and her status, they started poisoning me, they told me to forget about her.

Hmmm you don’t want to know what happened next…


Nana Yaa one Sunday after church introduced me to her mum. I was very shy but managed to talk to her. She asked me how i was doing and I answered her in a positive way.

She asked me what i do and i told her i was a student. (i was in shs 2 and Nana Yaa was in shs 1) she advised me to take my studies serious and also find a day to visit them in the house. I promised her i will visit them during vacation.

Before she left me she said to me

‘don’t forget you have promised me’

i was like

‘ma please  don’t worry i will come’.

I asked Nana Yaa when she will be leaving for school and she told me she was leaving after church (we were on mid terms by then. She was a border and i was a day student) i was shocked because she never told me she will leave to school that Sunday, this is because we often talk on phone during the mid term holidays.

I gave her a hug and she told me to be careful of girls. We parted. I went home thinking about the promise i made to her mum. I was very surprised at myself.

Nana Yaa has forced me several times to come home but always give her excuses. Even though her mum was kind to me on our first meeting, i was somehow not comfortable going to their home.

Four weeks after school resumed, Nana Yaa wrote me her first letter telling me she is really doing well academically, topping in all the subjects but she has really missed me and want me to visit her in school.

I also wrote back congratulating her for staying focused in her academics and also telling her how well i was also doing in class. I made it known to her that i can’t visit her that term because  I was selected to stand in for my school in a quiz competition that is coming soon.

Finally i made her know how much i love her and have missed her. I never heard from her again till vacation. When she called and told me she was back from school, i was happy and scared at the same time.

Happy because. i will be seeing my sweetheart and scared because i have to go to their house and meet her mum…

One Saturday morning, i gathered courage, called her and told her i will be coming home. She was so happy but i wasn’t because  i didnt know what was in stored for me….

When i got to their gate i was shocked at the building i saw. A very beautiful two storey building house it was. Nana Yaa nearly knocked me off my feet when she open the main gate. She was excited to see me. She took me indoors that Is to the main hall and offered me some drinks.

I knew they were rich but never thought they were that much dosted. The house’s interior and exterior decoration showed class. She went to her mums room to inform her i was home.

Her mum came to the hall smiling. I stood up to greet her.  She sat in the opposite sofa and asked her daughter if she has offered me something. She answered in a positive way. I was not comfortable at all. Her mum said to her

‘yaa go and prepare him jollof’ she exclaimed

‘eeeeeeeeeiiiiii mummy how did u know jollof was his favourite?’

Her mum started smiling and said

‘come on move’

She left us giggling. After she left, her mum told me a lot of stuff about their family and also advised me to take my studies serious. She told me I am now part of the family and can come there anytime i want to.

Nana Yaa came back some minutes later and announced that food was ready. Her mum left us and Nana Yaa lead me to the dining hall. We ate together and talked about school and a lot of things that we missed together. She laughed throughout the conversation…

When it was time for me to leave i told her mum and Yaa escorted me to the roadside. At the roadside she took a brown envelope from her pocket and said

‘mum says i should give
you this’

i was somehow scared because i didnt know what was in it. I took it anyway hugged her and bid her bye..

When i got to the house my worst fears came back. I don’t belong to Nana Yaa because of her class. My friends may be right though. The envelope contained money. I was so
embarrassed. Do you think my friends are right…

Wait till you read what happened to me… This is my personal love story. Don’t miss the next
episodes because its getting hotter.episode 3?