My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 3


Previously On My Personal Life Experience

‘don’t forget you have promised me’

‘ma please  don’t worry i will come’.

I asked Nana Yaa when she will be leaving for school, she told me this Sunday,

I gave her a hug and she told me to be careful of girls. We parted.

Nana Yaa wrote me her first letter saying she has really missed me and want me to visit her in school.

I also wrote back letting her know how much i love her and have missed her. I never heard from her again till vacation.

One Saturday morning, i gathered courage, called her and told her i will be coming home.

Her mum came to the hall smiling. I stood up to greet her.  She sat in the opposite sofa

‘yaa go and prepare him jollof’ she exclaimed

‘eeeeeeeeeiiiiii mummy how did u know jollof was his favourite?’

Her mum started smiling and said

‘come on move’

When it was time for me to leave i told her mum and Yaa escorted me to the roadside. At the roadside she took a brown envelope from her pocket and said

‘mum says i should give
you this’

The envelope contained money. I was so embarrassed. Do you think my friends are right…

Wait till you read what happened to me… This is my personal love story. Don’t miss the next episodes because its getting hotter



When i got to the house, i opened the envelope, There was an amount of 100 cedis in it. I was a little bit surprised because from Kasoa to Odorkor is less than 2 cedis so why all that for transportation? I called Nana Yaa and told her i was home.

I told her the amount in the envelope thinking she would be surprised but to my amazement she told me that was so small. I mastered courage and asked her to let me talk to her mum.

She told me to hold on. I heard her from the back ground calling her mum

‘mummy mummy Nicho wants to talk to you’

Her mum came on the line and all i could say was

‘Thank you ma for the transportation’

She told me not to mention it.

‘I have already told you that you are now part of the family and can come home anytime you want. Don’t hesitate to call me when you need money to buy something especially school stuffs’

I thanked her once again and pleaded with her to let me talk to her daughter. When she handed the phone to Nana Yaa, we scheduled our plans for the few days left for us to enjoy before school. We went to the mall the Monday that followed.

At the mall we had real fun. We went to the movies, ate some good food and ice cream, played some games and left for the house around 4pm.

I escorted her to their gate but never entered the house. She forced me to go in and say hi to her mum but i told her i was shy of her mum and don’t want her to know i am around.

She grimaced her face and entered the house without saying good bye to me. I called her when i got to the house.

I called several times but there was no answer. I waited for about twenty minutes and called again this time around there was an answer but it was her mum. She told me Nana Yaa was asleep.

She queried me for not entering the house when i brought her daughter home. I told her my mum called me to come and do something for her so i was in a hurry. She accepted my explanation and told me she will let her daughter call me when she wakes up.

Nana Yaa called around seven in the evening when i was having a heated football argument with my paddies. I excused myself and picked the call. I asked her why she didnt bother to call me to find out if i was home. She told me she was mad at me so she slept.

‘mummy said you called when I was asleep. You are so lucky she wasn’t wild on you for not coming home.’

i said in a jovial way

‘I am the son of God so your mum can’t get mad at me’

She laughed and i told her

‘Your laughter is my happiness’

She was so excited. I made her know how much i love her. She asked me if she can come to my house the following day which was Tuesday. I told her to come because  there are a lot of things bothering my mind. Also my friends want to see the princess i was always talking about.

We talked on one or two stuff and then ended the phone call. I joined my paddies and i was like

‘ guys guys ma princess is coming to the ghetto tomorrow’

They were like ‘eeeeeeeeeiiiiii so you are bringing this rich girl to this hood, know that if she comes and see your house she wont call you again’ they teased me on so many stuffs but i just brushed them off.

When I was about to sleep, I kept having flashbacks of the things my friends said . They were so right. Nana Yaa and i are worlds apart. We are from two different worlds…. I thought about this till sleep took over..

Do you think this love will really stand firm….Hmmm lets wait and see what happened next…

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