My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Final Episode


Previously On My Personal Life Experience.

We had dinner and her mum told me she has prepared the guest room for me.

My baby protested and told her mum i will sleep in her room. Her mum was cool with that. She took me to her room. Everything was in order. Her bed was neatly dressed

She went out to take her shower, came back to the room and locked it. She was completely naked.

Her boobs were so firm and untouched.

She came to sit on my laps, wrapped her arms around my neck, kissed me and said

‘honey i want you to take my virginity, make me a woman and let me be yours forever. Im out of high school now and you have no excuse this time’.

We had a lot of fun and promised her we would see them off at the airport on Monday. We left. I was dropped at odorkor and they continued.

I went to look for my friends and informed them that Nana Yaa’s mum want me to come and stay in their house… Friends can be a blessing and at the same time a curse.



Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks and weeks into months, i went about my work without being bordered about Nana Yaa or her mum.

To me, the way they were pulling me to come and live with them was something that will be to their benefit also in my mind, i was thinking Nana Would dump me and go for someone who has the same status with her as it happened with her and Daniel.

My friends may be right. No one does something for free. Throughout the months that i ignored them, Nana Yaa kept on sending me hurt breaking messages on my phone but never answered.

I was very heartless to the girl. There was one time she sent me a message that nearly broke me down. It reads:

‘i keep crying over you day in day out. The more you get away from me, the more i love you. Please if there is something i have done to you please forgive me.’

Even though i was touched by the message, i ignored it. Anger was controlling my emotions. One day, Dorcas visited me in the house. (they had returned from the states.

That was her first visit after her returned to Ghana) She was really in a bad mood when she visited. She asked me what evil Nana Yaa had done to me.

I became annoyed and told her to leave my house if Nana Yaa was her reason for visiting me. She told me i will regret what i was doing some day and left in anger.

A lot of things happened that if i mention them here you would see how heartless i was. A year later, after i had had a lot of discussion with some elderly people.

They told me i have been very stupid. I came back to my senses and one day decided to visit The Anaman’s residence. When I got to the gate, the security wont allow me in. I asked him if he doesn’t know me. He told me the madam has asked him not to allow me in.

I pleaded with him to at least let me talk to madam. He asked me to wait and locked the gate. Some minutes later Mrs Anaman emerged.

She looked at me with impunity and asked me in. I told her how sorry i was for my foolishness. I told her i was moving in with them.

‘so were you expecting us to sit down and watch our daughter cry her life away just because  of you?

I told you to take good care of my daughter for me just because  i knew you were her happiness. I knew you guys were dating but since my daughter confided in me that you are a good person, i decided to keep you guys together.

I’d wanted to take the two of you to Germany so you could further your education but you blew the chance away. My daughter is now outside the country studying medicine in one of the best schools.

You could’ve been with her by now but you lost it. I just wanted you to move in here with us so i could see if you are actually what my daughter said you were but you proved my daughter wrong and showed your real character.

You have lost a lot because of the behavior you put up. We don’t need you in this house anymore. You can go now’

she said. I said all that i could but i was sacked from the house. I was so broken hearted. I one day received a message from Dorcas which said

‘im very happy Nana Yaa is doing well in school. I still hold to the believe that you will regret one day’. I called her immediately and told her i was very sorry for my actions.

She told me she in particular has nothing against me but Nana Yaa has vowed never to forgive me.

I pleaded with her to give me Nana Yaa’s foreign number. She didnt wanted to give it to me but upon pleading, she gave me and warned me not to mention her name. I assured her that it wont happen.

I called Nana Yaa and when she realised it was me, she said

‘hey Mr poor useless being, i gave you my heart, body, soul and everything but you made me cried for months. My mum thought i was going to die but By God’s Grace,

i was able to put you behind and have moved on. My new guy is such a wonderful person. Don’t you ever dare call this number again.’

She threatened to let her mum arrest me if i called her again. The line went dead. There was nothing i could do. It was too late for me.

All the good things that would’ve come my way are all gone now because of  of my foolishness and bad advice i took from friends.

Keep thinking… The love of my life was gone forever….
A story based on a true life…


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  1. Lesson from the final episode: Absolute adoption of advice without any experience of the doubtful or otherwise may lead to doom. I only read this episode courtesy of a sister,Tina.