My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 19


Previously On My Personal Life Experience.

‘Oga, my massa ship this car come last week oo. Ibi two saf. One dey the garage. Madam talk me this morning say this be the gift the husband dey give the daughter for completing school.’

I was like ‘woow’ he told me to do the presentation when we get to the school. There was noise all over the school compound when we got there. .
She was more than excited to see me. We walked hand in hand to the car. She was amazed to see the ride. ‘

She screamed with excitement and vanished immediately. I later saw her with Dorcas and most of her dorm mates rushing to the car.

My baby girl was so excited. She talked about going to the movies, having parties etc. We kissed till we got to the house.

Mrs Anaman was so excited to see her daughter

There were a lot of delicacies ranging from cookies to wine. We really had fun at the table.

Nana Yaa was very happy because me being in the house would be to her advantage. Her mum asked me if i had a Ghanaian passport. I answered negatively.

She told me to skip class on Monday so we could go to the passports office and sign up for one. I tried to give an excuse but she didnt accept it. I had no option.

I wonder why someone will push good things away… Watch out for next chapter



On Sunday in church, Nana Yaa gave a testimony of how the Lord has been merciful to her and also for a successful completion of high school.

After church, my mum asked her to come with us to the house because she had a surprise for her. We went home and my mum’s surprise was a chocolate.

In my head i was thinking it was too small to be a surprise but My sweetheart was so appreciative of it. I wondered how the world would have been if all ladies were like Nana Yaa.

When the driver came to pick Nana Yaa, i went with them and decided to sleep over since the next day i wouldnt go to work. We had dinner and her mum told me she has prepared the guest room for me.

My baby protested and told her mum i will sleep in her room. Her mum was cool with that. She took me to her room. Everything was in order. Her bed was neatly dressed

I went to the washroom and had my shower. I came to lie on the bed. She also went out to take her shower. She came back to the room and locked it. She was completely naked.

Her beautiful coca cola bottle shape was lovely. Her boobs were so firm and untouched. She put on her pink nightie and asked me how she was looking. I told her she was looking very sexy.

She came to sit on my laps, wrapped her arms around my neck, kissed me and said

‘honey i want you to take my virginity, make me a woman and let me be yours forever. Im out of high school now and you have no excuse this time’.

I was really caught in the net and had no option. Already things were rocking things. Such a beautiful night with the one you truly love.

We made love. She was truly a virgin. She thanked me after a three round of hot sex.

I asked her how she felt and she told me it was painful and sweet at the same time. I told her the pain was as a result of this being her first time. She changed the blood stained on the bed sheet.

‘baby i remember Dorcas fell ill last year when she was supposed to write her final exams. What actually happened. You keep skipping this question why’

i asked. She told me Dorcas wasn’t actually sick. She forged that sickness just to punish herself for something bad she almost did to a friend.

She actually didnt tell me what she did and to which of her friends. I actually didnt care to know because i loved her company in school

‘she didnt want to complete and leave me here all by myself. She really care about me. She told me not to tell you anything but since you kept on insisting, she told me to tell you she was sick.’

She disclosed. It then downed on me that Dorcas actually punished herself for one whole year in school for trying to snatch me from her friend. I was really shocked and realised how sorry the girl was and how much she loved Nana Yaa.

The following day which was a Monday, we went to the passports office and processed my passport.I was told to pick it in three days time.

I was shocked and asked Nana Yaa if they knew her mum. She told me her dad is very influential that is why they are processing it so fast. After we left the passports office we went to Frankies and had lunch.

Nana Yaa told her mum to go home with the driver because  we want to go through town. She told us she had one or two things to catch up in town. We can use the car.

She would be okay with taxi. We asked the driver to take us to Dorcas’s residence. She was so delighted to see us when we got there.

She told us they would be flying to the states the following Monday. We were so excited and popped champagne.

We had a lot of fun and promised her we would see them off at the airport on Monday. We left. I was dropped at odorkor and they continued.

I went to look for my friends and informed them that Nana Yaa’s mum want me to come and stay in their house… Friends can be a blessing and at the same time a curse.

Watch out for the FINAL  episode



  1. Quite interesting. Really want to know what happened finally.
    Such a wonderful piece.