My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 18


Previously On My Personal Life Experience.

‘you treated me as if i were some dirty clothes or rug just for telling you the truth. Why Nicholas, why’ she said still in tears.

I kissed her so she could stop talking. She held me tight, not wanting to let go. Her emotions were in control.

I assured her of my forgiveness and also my willingness to help her solve the problem.

‘thank you baby’ i love you so much’

I cleaned her face and told her i will forever love her.

We agreed to meet Daniel that evening to put some sense into his head.

. Daniel emerged from a room i guessed was his. I said to myself

We don’t want to cause any casualties so please stop calling and texting her.’

He was somehow shaken by what I said. He thanked us for not letting no one know about it.

She completing school would also be a problem because i have to be with her most of the time. Would my job permit that…. Hmmmm Nana Yaa completes school finally and things began to change in a negative way……



Nana Yaa left for school with the excitement of going to complete school. When she was in school for that term, communication with her was consistent.

I didnt want to give her the room to fail. Even though i used to communicate with her on a regular basis, i was praying time wouldn’t go fast because  i would have to be with her most of the time after she has completed.

It wouldn’t be bad for me to be with the one i truly love but would my work permit that…. We lived to see.

Time can never be stopped. Nana Yaa called me one Friday morning and informed me that her last paper was due on that day.

She was so excited. I told her we would pick her on Saturday morning. She was ok with that. I called her mum and informed her.

To her, she wouldn’t be able to pick her on that Saturday. She told me not to forget to do that on that day. Go with the driver to pick her up when the time is due. She said.

That was cool with me. That very Saturday when the driver came to pick me up from my house. He came with a brand new white Ross Royce.

I told him i never saw the car in the garage. He said in his normal pidgin

‘Oga, my massa ship this car come last week oo. Ibi two saf. One dey the garage. Madam talk me this morning say this be the gift the husband dey give the daughter for completing school.’

I was like ‘woow’ he told me to do the presentation when we get to the school. There was noise all over the school compound when we got there. The graduates were screaming and making merry for completing school successfully.

It took us more than 30 minutes before locating her. She was in the mist of some jama students. Miss Anaman (Nana Yaa) nearly knocked me off my feet with a hug.

She was more than excited to see me. We walked hand in hand to the car. She was amazed to see the ride. ‘its my pleasure to present to you from your dad this car as a gift for a hard work done.’ i said.

She screamed with excitement and vanished immediately. I later saw her with Dorcas and most of her dorm mates rushing to the car.

When they got to the car, she screamed and said ‘this is what my dad has given me for completing high school’.

They screamed and congratulated her for the car. Dorcas also said ‘my dad is taken me to U.S to spend three months holidays. It would be fun. He gave me an option of choosing a friend i will like to go with and guess who i chose……

Theophilus! they all screamed in excitement. I saw Theophilus and Dorcas’s dad coming out of  one of the car parked

Dorcas left us immediately and went to hug Theophilus. I was very happy for her at the same time i felt ashamed for trying to take advantage of her.

We helped Nana Yaa park all her stuff into the car. We went to her house mistress to bid her bye. The driver gave her a brown envelope given to him by Mrs Anaman to be given to her. She told us to send her thanks.

Nana Yaa and Dorcas hugged all their friends and we took off with Dorcas father’s car in front and ours behind. My baby girl was so excited. She talked about going to the movies, having parties etc. We kissed till we got to the house.

Mrs Anaman was so excited to see her daughter. She hugged her and took us to the dining hall. There were a lot of delicacies ranging from cookies to wine. We really had fun at the table.

After eating we went to the hall and Nana Yaa’s mum joined us later,  to her since her daughter has completed school, i have to move in with them immediately to keep her company (ever
since her mum realised that i was her daughter’s source of happiness, she made sure i was always around her) i pleaded with her to give me sometime to sort myself out. She was cool with it.

Nana Yaa was very happy because me being in the house would be to her advantage. Her mum asked me if i had a Ghanaian passport. I answered negatively.

She told me to skip class on Monday so we could go to the passports office and sign up for one. I tried to give an excuse but she didnt accept it. I had no option.

I wonder why someone will push good things away… Watch out for next chapter