My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 5


Previously On My Personal Life Experience

‘lazy boy are you still in bed?’

‘oh baby it was your call that woke me up.’

‘how was your night’

‘baby it was too long. Cos i missed you and was eager to see you’

‘mmmmmmmm don’t worry dear,  you will see me in a few hours time’  she answered.

At exactly 10: 30am, a taxi came to drop Nana yaa right in front of our house

‘baby I’ve missed you’

i said in a teasing way.

‘i thought i was with you the whole of yesterday?’

she was like ‘yes but i always want to be with you’

‘oh really then am sorry because I am seriously engaged’

show me that girl and i will skin her alive’ she answered.

We both laughed together.

‘If you have soft chairs in your home, I’ve got hard ones here’ she giggled and said

‘i wont mind you’

‘even if you dump me i will never go in for a rich guy’

‘i promise i will stay by your side forever

She was happy.

I took her to where my paddies meet. They were shocked to see Nana Yaa. She was taller than I was, fresh body, lovely hips and some fine ass.

They were fumbling with what to say because  they never thought such a rich pretty girl like this could follow me.

she told me she has to leave because  she is supposed to cook supper. I took her to the road side and chattered a taxi for her. She gave me a peg entered the taxi and the taxi drove off.

I tried to dodge my friends but i wasn’t so lucky.

Don’t stop reading till you know what actually happened finally.


It is very difficult sometimes to comprehend why certain things happen. It was the same with my friends they were finding it difficult to understand why Nana Yaa who is from a well to do family will come and follow a poor nobody like me. After escorting my sweetheart to the roadside,

I knew for a fact that my friends will be waiting for me to bombard me with so many unnecessary questions so i used a different route home but unlucky for me, they were waiting for me in the house when i got there.

Some of them said i was the luckiest guy on earth to have met such an angel. Some wanted me to
make wild and grab more money from the girl’s family. One by name kwame was like

‘guys i think kwaku has gone for ‘for girls’ what on earth will make such a beautiful and rich girl like Nana Yaa fall for our dude’? (kwaku) is my soul name, i’m a Wednesday born) they talked and talked till one of them repeated what they used to say.

‘kwaku, this rich girl will one day dump u and go for someone that suit her status’.

I made them understand that true love is not about status, class, money, sex or anything but its just about understanding each other.

Love is about respect. Love is about being faithful. Its in these our days that people go about chasing money, sex, material stuff and so on. This is never love its infatuation and lust. Nana yaa loves me not because of what I have or what i don’t have. Its just natural. No strings attached or whatsoever.

They mocked and called me names ‘Mr love doctor, you will come crying to us when she dumps your sorry ass’ they said and left.

I was so much relieved. I entered the room picked my phone and called my sweetheart. She told me she was home and was happy she spent the day with me.

She further told me that my friends were lovely and funny guys. I just kept quiet and listen to her chatter. I’d wanted to give her the shock of her life by saying

‘my friends want me to forget about you because they think i am not your class’.

I just asked her about the welfare of her mum and she told me her old girl was very strong.

My school fees were paid in full by Nana Yaa’s mother before school reopened. She gave me money for books as well as other expenses. I took my mum to their home and thank them for such generosity. Her mum told my mum in a jovial way

‘your son is now my son and he is now part of the family.

Nana Yaa wasn’t shy of my mum because  I have introduced her and they have met on several occasions, especially at my house.

School finally resumed and all outing and chilling seized. Nana Yaa insisted i should escort her to school and i reluctantly agreed. On the day of her departure to school is when i saw her dad.

She invited me to their house, we parked her school stuffs into her daddies escalade and we travelled all the way from Accra to Eastern region. That is to Saint Roses High school. In the school, we did some payments and talked to her house mistress before leaving her behind.

I advise her to keep the fire burning because  i will do same. She was almost in tears when the car engine started. We left her in school.

On our way home, Nana Yaa’s dad told me he has heard a lot about me from her daughter. According to him i should study hard because he will help me with my education. He revealed to me that upon all that they have earned in life Nana Yaa was their only daughter and doesn’t want any rascal to mess her up.

According to him his wife has confirmed that i am a good boy and that I should keep it up….. This gave me more enthusiasm to study even harder….

Well well well, Nana Yaa’s dad is now in the picture and a very nice man. Will he do like he said? The story still continue After 100 share