My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 4


Previously On My Personal Life Experience

When i got to the house, i opened the envelope, There was an amount of 100 cedis in it.

‘mummy mummy Nicho wants to talk to you’

Her mum came on the line and all i could say was

‘Thank you ma for the transportation’

‘I have already told you that you are now part of the family

I thanked her once again and pleaded with her to let me talk to her daughter.

‘mummy said you called when I was asleep. You are so lucky she wasn’t wild on you for not coming home.’

‘I am the son of God so your mum can’t get mad at me’

She laughed and i told her

‘Your laughter is my happiness’

She was so excited. I made her know how much i love her. She asked me if she can come to my house the following day which was Tuesday. I told her to come

‘ guys guys ma princess is coming to the ghetto tomorro

Do you think this love will really stand firm….Hmmm lets wait and see what happened next…



It was Nana Yaa’s phone call that alerted me that it was already morning. I woke up and answered her call. She noticed from the tone i spoke to her that i was still in bed

‘lazy boy are you still in bed?’

i answered

‘oh baby it was your call that woke me up.’

‘how was your night’

‘baby it was too long. Cos i missed you and was eager to see you’

‘mmmmmmmm don’t worry dear,  you will see me in a few hours time’  she answered.

I told her i was going to prepare her favourite food and she told me not to worry because
she is bringing jollof and drinks. I begged her to let me do the cooking but she refused. I accepted defeat and she told me she will be at odorkor around 10am and ended the call.

I checked to see if my mum was around but to my delight, she was gone to her usual trading. I Cleaned the room and made sure everything was in order. I took my bath and made sure i was looking good.

At exactly 10: 30am, a taxi came to drop Nana yaa right in front of our chamber and hall house. I helped her bring down her stuff from the car and the taxi left. She was looking prettier even without make ups. She gave me a hug and said to me

‘baby I’ve missed you’

i said in a teasing way.

‘i thought i was with you the whole of yesterday?’

she was like ‘yes but i always want to be with you’

‘oh really then am sorry because I am seriously engaged’

show me that girl and i will skin her alive’ she answered.

We both laughed together. We took the drinks and food inside and offered her a plastic chair.

‘If you have soft chairs in your home, I’ve got hard ones here’ she giggled and said

‘i wont mind you’

i brought plates and she served the food. We ate the jollof with some chilled fruit juice. She told me her mum prepared the juice. I asked her how her mum was doing and she told me she was fine. She asked me about my mum and i told her she has gone to work. She told me to advise my mum to rest small.

After the meals, we kissed for sometime. She wanted more but i told her we should wait till we are done with school. She was not happy but she accepted it in good faith.

I asked her about her dad and she told me her dad was always busy. She further told me her dad travels with ministers to interpret and explain languages to them. She asked me about my dad and i told her my dad is a farmer who left all the responsibility to my mum.

She told me not to worry because  it doesn’t matter. I asked her why she was so glued to me and not some rich boy. She told me most rich guys don’t respect ladies also they always cheat on their ladies. She said

‘even if you dump me i will never go in for a rich guy’

i was like

‘i promise i will stay by your side forever

She was happy.  She told me how much she has respected me for not sleeping with her. She further went on by telling me she was a virgin.

My respect for her heightened. I took her to where my paddies meet. They were shocked to see Nana Yaa. She was taller than I was, fresh body, lovely hips and some fine ass.

They were fumbling with what to say because  they never thought such a rich pretty girl like this could follow me. They had a chit chat with her. They asked Nana Yaa virtually everything about herself.

She told them everything that they wanted to know. They were like woow. You are like the president’s daughter. She was flattered. We had a few time together and she told me she has to leave because  she is supposed to cook supper. I took her to the road side and chattered a taxi for her. She gave me a peg entered the taxi and the taxi drove off.

I tried to dodge my friends for the mean time because they will disturb and discourage me but i wasn’t so lucky.

They were waiting for me in my house. What do you think this dudes of mine are going to say. Don’t stop reading till you know what actually happened finally.

Love hurts…. Watch out for episode 5
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