My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 20 Final


Grand finale

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

The door opened and there were jenny bodyguards standing with the expression that I couldn’t express.. In no time he ran to me with super speed and gave me a flying punch while the female guard knelt beside Jenny calling her name while shaking her…

“what have you done to her you filthy son of a b—h” the male bodyguard shouted..

“stop the shit right now, she is still breathing” the female yelled back..

In no time we rushed Jenny to the best hospital in the village.. About an hour after the doctor have sent us out and I haven’t seen the male guard and the female was staring at me somehow clearly with the look “run away and die, trust me I mean it” heart was racing fast and I regretted ever knowing Jenny.. No doubt I have been punished for what I did to Cynthia..

I suddenly heard people running helter and skelter..i turned back to see the surprise of my life.. Yes it was the governor’s wife,the deputy,the male guard been cuffed by the soldiers who were now looking at me.. Jesus Christ,, I should even write my will now.. This is my end..

“sorry future children,your father won’t make it” I said in my mind..

“where is he?” one of the soldier shouted at the male guard who was now crying..

”there he is” he said pointing at me.. What?.. I wanted to run but my leg was glued to the ground..

Soldier man: him? *pointed at me*

Me: sir?..i mean yes.. Sir?

He quickly dashed me two hot slaps and my brain was out of reach.. Chaii

Soldier: you will regret ever been born.. Take this fool away *he commanded*

I was dragged outside with different kind of slaps and series of punches, Mike Tyson punch, Mayweather, anthony Joshua,, don’t know how they learn all those punches.. One even gave me Goldberg SmackDown finisher before I was bundled into the car while I can see people outside with their hands on their head..chaii.. Na so my life go end last last.. The almighty Jason now became tombolo that soldiers were bundling like aba products…

A week that I spent at the soldiers barrack was worse than hell,, I wasn’t allowed to see day light,, I got beaten everyday, Hunger was another thing entirely,, I still can remember how a female soldier inserted a needle in my rod for 2mins and how I shouted in pain,, I was later handed over to the police.. Yes it’s another hell am in.. Sleeping at night became difficult,, those mosquitoes ehn!!.. They nearly removed one of my teeth.. Chaii..i can still remember the day Sharon came to visit me with food.. Following conversations ensued:

Sharon: tell me Jason,, what’s between you and the governor’s daughter *crying*

Me: forgive me Sharon.. All I ever said to you was all lies except that I you.. You should forget about me and move on Sharon.. Am not the right guy for you *tears fell from my eyes*

Sharon: *cleaned her tears* yes,, you are not the right guy for me but heart want what it wants.. I cant do without you Jason.. Never.. I know you will get through this,, the real murderer will be captured,, I believe you..

Me: murderer?.. Is Jenny dead? *with shaky voice*

Sharon: I really don’t know but I heard she has been moved to India for better treatment..

Me: okay,, but.. (interrupted)

Guard: Mr man your time is over joor..

I heaved a sigh then stood up with tears in my eyes not ready to leave crying Sharon.. “I love you jason” she said waving at me…..

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I sat on the bare floor in my cell reminiscing about everything.. Val visited me almost everyday,, yes he is really a true friend…

I was moved to court a week lawyer really tried but suddenly the opposition lawyer called out a witness..i was more than surprised to see Cynthia with her usual devilish smile..she was later handed Bible ofcourse to swear and the interrogation began..

Lawyer: who are you to this young man madam?

Cynthia: am his girlfriend..

Lawyer: can you tell us what you know madam?

Cynthia: *started crying* I told him but he won’t listen..he said he was going to kill the governor’s daughter..

People: aaaahhhh

Lawyer: did he made mention any reason?

Cynthia: *still crying* not any..

Lawyer: why don’t you tell the police before he carried out the operation?

Cynthia: he threatened to kill me and my family if I ever tell anyone..

People: aaaaah

Tears fell from my eyes staring at Cynthia who was fake-crying,,I can see Sharon crying heavily and Marcus with his Eureka grin.. Cheesuus.. So this is how it will all end..

Lawyer: *smiled* I will like to ask him the question which he denied in the first place.. Young man.. Are you now guilty or not?

Me: ye..s.. Am gui..lty *i stammered while my lawyer covered his face*

Judge: I will like to postpone this case till next month..

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Another one month in the cell was like serving second term in the hell.. They should just kill me.. The day I have been waiting for arrived so quickly..after hearing from both lawyers.. The judge decided to spit the judgement..yes let it all end.. “Oh lord forgive me for I have sinned against you” I prayed in my mind..

Judge: this is my a…(interrupted)

“excuse me, but I think you are about punishing an innocent man” a familiar voice said from the back.. I quickly turned back to see the surprise of my life.. Jenny entered the court room with bandage over her head.. I can see fear on both Cynthia and Marcus face.. “enter” Jenny said and her guards dragged one huge man been beaten inside..

Jenny: this is the real shooter and Jason is innocent coz he is my boyfriend…

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Looks were all diverted to me.. Chaii.. Am dating a governor’s daughter,, I bad oo.. I can see angry look mixed with fear on Marcus face.. The huge man was forced to spit the truth and he revealed it was Marcus that sent him though not to kill was to scare her and stopped her from seeing me again but he have no choice when Jenny began dragging the gun with him and went to the extent of removing his mask and that was why he shot her…

He was immediately arrested with Marcus and judge completed his judgement which ofcourse he set me I’ll make it out..

Jenny ran and hugged me immediately while I can see how jealous Sharon was.. I quickly disengaged and went home with Sharon.. Yes I don’t want trouble again..

A week later.. Although Marcus was arrested but how can a prince go-to prison in Nigeria,,well I heard he ran to Canada..I was packing my stuffs in my travelling bag on the faithful day which was Saturday when knocks landed on the door..

”come in” I said and Sharon walked in with her usual beautiful smile though holding a nylon..we later sat on my bed close to each other..

Sharon: so you are going back to your city now..

Me: yes ofcourse and I won’t be coming back..

Sharon: what? You are joking right?.. Anyway Cynthia sends her regard and told me to apologize in her stead..she said she is sorry and she gave me this to give you.. *she handed me the nylon full of apples*

Chaii.. God bless Cynthia..i removed two from the apples and gave Sharon one.. We were still eating when I knelt down before her.. The apple she was eating fell.. She knows what I was about doing,, yes I wanted to propose..

Me: Miss Sharon william(interrupted)

Sharon: wait Jason,, I think something is wrong my stomach..*holding her stomach*

It was when she said this that I realise I was also experiencing same pain.. Cheesus..whats in the apple..

“I think..we h..ave been po..isoned” Sharon stammered before falling on the bed.. I wanted to shout for help but I just can’t till I also fell on the floor and everything went blank…
I began hearing a machine beeping from afar and suddenly the beeping is getting clearer and louder till I opened my eyes.. I could make out val and Jenny from my blurry vision till it became clearer..

Jenny: Jason are you okay?

Me: yes am okay.. What happened?

Val: I entered your house to see you lying on the floor helplessly..

Me: oh,, where is Sharon?..

Jenny faced down immediately..

Val: guy I think you will have to act like a man.. Sharon is gone..

My brain formatted immediately..jesus why is this happening to me..

“am sorry sweetie” Jenny said then hugged me while I cried my heart out..val said Cynthia poisoned herself and the apple though she didn’t mean to poison Sharon,, only me.. So I caused her death,,I gave her the f—–g apple..d–n.. So I’ll live to regret all I have done.. Sharon father later entered and properly apologized to me,, am glad Cynthia made it.. Atleast we will both be regretting..

I got married to Jenny a year after,,there is no need to say I became a billionaire though through the help of Jenny’s father and a year after we had a bouncing baby girl.. Guess her name.. Ofcourse she is..i won’t tell you..find out yourself..