My Life As a Teacher Season 2 Episode 19


The rays of light that pierced through the window suddenly met with my gradually opened eyes..i completely opened my eyes rubbing it a while..i was trying to remove the blanket I was covered with when a hand found it way to my chest rubbing it slowly and gently..i quickly turned to see Jenny,,I didn’t even noticed her before..and I am naked,, I mean we are naked.. Son of Mary what have I done,, a governor’s daughter.. Am really dead this time.. She smiled at my terrified state..

Me: w..hat happen…ed? *i stammered*

Jenny: what does it look like?…

Me: y..ou m..ean…..

She placed her finger on my lip and later replaced it with a kiss which I quickly stopped before it will lead to anything..

Me: no no,,,how can you drug me?..jenny why?..have it in mind our friendship ends here and right now..

I stood up angrily and took my unjustly thrown away boxers on the floor.. I took my clothes then began dressing.. Oh the time is 9:49am..i have to go see Cynthia in the hospital..

Jenny: did you think I also wanted to do that?.. I love you Jason,, and I think that started the day I set my eyes on you,, you are messing with my brain,, I can’t even think of anything else,, you are always on my mind,, I know you didnt feel left me no choice Jason.. A..m so sorry *she said as she sat on the bed covering herself with the blanket*

Me: you think doing this will make me love you.. Am in love with another person Jenny for Christ sake..

Jenny: and the person is Sharon?

I was amazed hearing this.. How the f–k did she know..

Jenny: yes don’t be surprised,,I know everything about you..but Jason…(I cut in)

Me: am going somewhere important right now,, I think I have to take my leave and it’s forever…

Jenny: you mean you wanna walk out on me..

Me: yes,, can’t I??

Jenny: am sure you know who I am right?.. And you know what am capable of right?..

Is she threatening me now?.. I paused angrily for a moment thinking of what to say,, I was about talking when I felt someone hugged me from the back.. Lo and behold it was naked Jenny…

”don’t do this to me jason” she sobbed on my shoulder.. All my anger suddenly vanished..i was about talking when someone suddenly opened the door.. Yes.. It was Marcus..the rose flower he was holding fell from his hand as he stared with most murderous look.. Jenny hugged me more tighter placing her head on my shoulder as I tried to gain freedom.. Marcus angrily kicked the flower and walked away with a clenched fist..we later settled on her bed as she was now fully dressed..

Me: what will happen to me now? *stared at her with sorrow face*

Jenny: *bursted to laughter* so you are this scared.. I promise nothing will happen to you hon…

Me: what really happened between you and him?

Jenny: *took a long breathe* the truth is my parent think I was in dad and the king were childhood friends which leads to my friendship with Marcus until my dad told me I’ll be marrying him.. Marcus said he also did not love me so he initiated the plan contract fiancee and I agreed,,he changed suddenly,the Marcus that doesn’t care before started caring,,and I concluded he has fallen for me.. I wasn’t happy coz I felt nothing,, when I heard from his friend about Sharon, I had to come this village,, I need something to convince my dad he is not the one for me..

Me: but I am?

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She shifted more closer to me “you don’t get it” she whispered to my hear.. I was about talking when she stopped me with a kiss.. I couldn’t resist and yes I lost it.. Oh God,not again..our vigorous romance later led to what I was preventing and sure we went three rounds before collapsing beside each other on the bed..i have to lie so I could leave quickly..though she wasnt happy and I care not..

I directed the bikeman straight to Cynthia hospital not bother going to my place but unfortunately I was told Cynthia left few hours ago..i have no choice than to go to her house..i saw Sharon outside pacing around..she ran to me immediately she saw me..

Me: hi sharon

Sharon: I have been trying your number..

I checked my phone to see 17missed calls..chaiii.. 12 from Sharon and the rest.. Oh the rest from Jenny..mcheew…

Me: oh am sorry…something wrong?

Sharon: I wanted to ask if Cynthia was in your house..after we came back from the hospital today.. She sent me to buy her food but when I return she was not in the house again..i have tried her number countless time but she wasn’t picking…i really don’t know what’s wrong with Cynthia..i think she is changed so much..i think there is something you two are hiding..

Me: *i stammered*

Sharon: I cannot keep trusting you.. You are hiding too much..

She was just about leaving when I grabbed her hand..

Me: are you sure you want to hear this?

Sharon: ofcourse

I took a long breathe,clears throat then explained everything that happens between I and Cynthia..she was just staring at me as tears dropped from her eyes while she covered her mouth..

Sharon: I didn’t even know you are this ruined my sisters life and how can you be here..this is where it all ends..i don’t ever want to see you again..

“sharon” I called trying to re-grabbed the hand she angrily removed but received a slap in return and she angrily walked away…i stood on same spot as I felt tears in my eyes..jesus..why did I even come to this village..chaii..

Later in the night,,I finally got to my house after leaving val’s.. I thought val would have any solution to my problem but I was wrong..i was surprised to see a black Camry packed at the front of my house…i can hear some voices from inside my place..jesus..i quickly hide behind a small fence beside my house.. Three masked men later came outside, scanned everywhere then entered the car and later zoomed off..jesus,”i must not sleep in this house today”..i said to myself shaking from the fear that was already in charge of my body..i came out of my hiding and was trying to dial val number when Jenny call landed on my phone..i wasted no time to pick it…

Me: hi jenny..

“hello Mr jason” a thick voice sounded from the other side..

”hello,who are you” I asked..

Person: I think you should be running over here now coz I just shot your lover..

Me: what.. Wh…*hung up*

I quickly stopped a bike,,,I told the bikeman to run in highest speed and I was glad he listen to me..on getting to the hotel,,the lady behind the block asked no question again as she just winked at me and nodded to me to go ahead..i later knocked on Jenny’s door and I later entered when I heard no response..i was extremely scared to see Jenny on the floor lying in pool of blood and a gun was with a silencer was placed beside her..

”jenny” I shouted at the topmost of my voice..i shook her and was about shouting for help when the door was pushed open.. Yes I knew who it was and who they are…chaii…am so dead…