My Girl-Episode 33



The banner infront of his house said ..

”Welcome home KIKINA!!”


For the next couple of weeks, they met at the hospital, the Philips driving down to meet them to check on Kiki and catch up with their daughter Megan, Sean drops by after work and sometimes before work to sit and be with Kiki, Megan and Tonia too. Even Zachary comes too, he and Kiki became friends, but he never stops calling her little monster, he goes ”Hi my favorite little Monster, I am your second daddy” he told her, it got everyone laughing & smiling.

Kiki was better, her most happiest days is when Sean shows up, she doesn’t let him go unless she falls asleep, she lets her grandmother read her stories, she plays cards with her grandfather, she tells her mother she loves her and lets Aunt Tonia plait her hair.

The height of Sean’s day was going to see Kiki, the excitement in her face gets him everytime, he had told everyone about her, his parents had come the next day to see her, they couldn’t believe it, but they were happy. Everyone was happy.

The second high was seeing Megan, when she wasn’t crying and being sad anymore, she looked more beautiful, happier, at peace. They haven’t spoken about the kisses yet, but they will, he would make sure of that. But he was happy that they talk, they actually sit down and talk, about kiki, about her future, she agreed to the lawyer changing kiki’s name to his, she agreed to almost everything he wanted for kiki, well he didn’t give her more choice after guilt tripping her…”let me make it up to my daughter, don’t stop me please” he had begged her, faking a cry, pouting, pretending to kill himself… she had laughed, he hadn’t heard her laugh before and it was contagious… she let him, only refusing on some things as outrageous like buying her a car when 16 years was far away, and other ridiculous things he wanted to do..

“‘Wait!! don’t be in a hurry,” she had told him one of those days he had cornered her at the hospitals cafeteria. No actually he was following behind her, he wanted to talk about it all, about them.. it’s been a few weeks and Kiki was better, stronger… now was the time to talk about them..

“Kiki is lucky to have you Megan, as her mother, thank you for raising our daughter, thank you” he says reaching out to the table to touch her hands, she doesn’t pull away.

”it’s my duty” she had said

”As it’s mine to continue, now that that is out of the way, can we talk about us?”

”What about us?”

”I like you alot Megan, I do.. fact: I am in love you.. and I can’t keep it inside no more”

”You don’t mean that”‘

”Yes I do”‘

”You are saying it because of all this, the happy moment , having your kid back… all are overwhelmed and you think-”

He shakes his head “No Megan, I started having feelings for you right from the moment I kissed you, I literally couldn’t stop thinking about you, that was when everything changed, and about being overwhelmed, you are right… but that is not it, it’s not because Kiki is my daughter and by right it would be great to raise her up in a home with two parents, her biological parents, it’s purely because I am in love with you and it has nothing to do with kiki.

My heart wants you, your scent, when I think of you… that night four years ago, all of you, all that you are is etched in my head and I think I fell in love with you way before today, before kiki… that night we were together four eyes ago and every time I kissed you I literally fall in love again with that memory four years ago. I fell in love with stranger I slept with four years ago, with her lips, her body and her drunk crazy self even in my drunken and high crazy, and when I met the woman, the girl of yesterday, you Megan, I feel in love with you even when you hated my guts.”

Megan laughs ”You are crazy!!”

”Yes I am, crazily in love with you Megan, crazily in love with you and it has nothing to do with you being the mother of My Girl, it has everything to do with my heart and my heart has you written all over it and I had no idea until now”

”Sean it-s”

”You don’t feel the same way for me?” he lowers his head, sadness creeping up his sleeves

”I don’t know” she bites her lips

”You don’t like me?” he stares at her, searching her eyes, God, give me a little hope..I love her, I really do

“I do… I do like you Sean” she admits


He sighs nodding ”Then that’s enough for me, Megan, tiny drops of water makes an ocean, a little like here, a little like there, maybe a love somewhere in between, just so you know I will stop at nothing to sweep you off your feet Megan, this I promise you… I will show up everyday at your doorstop with your favorite flowers, white lilies, take you to the movies to watch the notebook, even get you a teddy bear too”

She laughs “where the hell do you get those ides from?”

”Oh who do you think? My Girl! You know she is crazy about me that little girl, and if you don’t accept me being in love with you, I will just love her totally instead… did I tell you she is an angel, she squeals all of her mother’s favorite things to me… aren’t I the luckiest man alive?” he laughs

”Oh kiki!” Megan laughs shaking her head, Sean takes her hand to his lips.. “Well you can love her but the competition would be stiff”

”Yes Kiki!.. oh that is fine, I can handle two women in my life, and I will tell the whole world how I love my two beautiful girls, look you will have no choice than to fall back in love with me and I will suffocate you with my love that you can’t come up for air… you will love me Megan, let yourself, close your eyes and jump and I will catch you, I promise… I ain’t going anywhere, I won’t. Not today, not ever, not when I have found kiki, not when I have found you…

I love you both, I love kiki and I am in love with you Megan… so here is my heart, take it. Do with it as you will… please” A tear drops from his eyes, he places her hand to his heart “Please, let me love you..”

”iIdon’t know what to say” her throat closes

”Say yes!! Just say yes!!” he kisses her hands ”Say yes!!”‘

She bites her lips, say Yes Megan, for once you can have it all.. your parents, a man who says he loves you, who means it which is obvious, that same man who is the father of your child, for once, you will have it all, just say yes Megan ”Can I think about it?”

Phew “Okay, that is better than a No, fingers crossed” he says smiling and kissing her hands again.

He gets up and pulls her to him, another happy moment, she doesn’t pull away anymore.. he hugs her, not trying to be forward, he kisses her cheeks and lets go of her saying ”I have to get back to work, going to see Kiki and I will leave, see you tomorrow?”

”Yes see you tomorrow”‘

That was a couple days ago…. and they met everyday since then..

Today was Kiki’s welcome home party, and they had agreed to do it in his house, he was excited, he has everything planned.. he couldn’t spare another day without kiki not being in his house… pending when Megan agrees and gives him an answer, they had agreed that Kiki spends a few days in his starting today. And than Megan has to stay too… he insisted on that because he said he didn’t want a nanny with Kiki all through, it was just a ploy to get her to his house, which he told her and she had laughed about it.

The house was perfect, Kiki’s room was too, the toys, decoration for the welcome party was exquisite, his parents where here, the Philips too.. his friends and family and even Zachary and he would be the perfect host.

He checks his time, “Shouldn’t they be here by now?”

”Relax dude, they would be here soon!!” Zachary tells him, the house was filled with guests who were eager to see their friend and boss’s baby Kiki he has been talking none stop about for weeks.

”Mum, don’t worry they would be here soon” Sean tells them seeing his parents coming to him

”Have they left the hospital?”

”Yes!! They should be here soon”‘

”Oh we can’t wait, we got her some presents, and oh we found a baby picture of you… she looks like you when you were little, See these pictures, we got them framed” his mother says showing him, “Aww, look at her nose, she got the O’Conners nose and eyes..”‘

They were laughing when a car pools up..

”I think they are here, they are here!!!”‘ Sean runs to open the door, “Everyone gather around and act normal okay”‘?



”Mummy, are we at my new house, daddy’s house?” Kiki says excitedly jumping in her eat, Tonia laughs ,

“Ýes baby, we are, and daddy is excited to see you, ready?”

”Yay!!! Ready ready ready!!” she claps her hands, they alight from the car walking to the door as Sean swings it open

“‘DADDY!!!” Kiki runs into his outstretched arms. Sean lifts her up and swings her around kissing her

”Careful with her arm” Megan laughs cautioning him

”Okay okay!!!” he has her on his arm turning to face everyone, ”Everyone, Meet my daughter … KIKINA O’ÇONNER!!” he says with pride and everyone goes into cheers and claps and awwn-ing and ohhhh-ing and Ahh-ing, she is so beautiful

”I know, you should see her mother”‘ he turns to Megan

She blushes. Tonia pinches her, she slaps her hand away as they all go in.



”Can I help you?” the maid opens the door to a woman dressed elegantly but too scanty for a baby’s welcome party

”Yes, is Sean O’Conner home?”

”Yes, and you are?”

”His girlfriend, Tasha Williams,” she says pushing past the maid and going into the house as the maid follows her calling out to her to stop.