My Girl-Episode 32


Tonia watches him, she turns to Megan who had been talking with her parents, she waits for her to be done, then she pulls her away.

”So I think I am allowed to say ”I told you so’ at this point, I mean… I kept saying that you should tell him, your fears where all for nothing,..see how happy he is? He thrilled, calling everyone, his friends and family that he has a four year old beautiful angel named Kikina..planning a home coming party already, buying gifts for her as though he wants to buy the universe..he is going all out… I mean..all out, I wish I was a little girl, I wish I was you think Kiki would allow me trade places with her… I definitely want that Disney land castle he is getting her, I hear him call them to design one for her you know he spoke to his account manager just now… he already is telling someone to come down her to get details to open a trust fund for her, even planning the car she is going to drive on her 16th birthday…and.. oh he was speaking to a lawyer about how he can come change a child’s name from Philips to O’Conner and oh..did you hear him tell his maid to clean out one of the rooms for her in his house, that mansion, you remember where he stays right..well? his parents gave him that he is calling an architect to build a play pen and adjust the room big enough for his daughter, he is going to put all her toys and everything. He even planning a trip… did I tell you he is going all out?…like all the hell out for his daughter. You hear him say that with pride like…MY DAUGHTER KIKINA.MY GIRL!! My baby girl!! Ha!!!”

Megan laugh shaking her head ”Okay okay I get it, you don’t have to rub it in. I was wrong, you are right, I am sorry. Happy!!? I should have listened to you and told him… fine. I heard him, I heard it all”

Tonia laughs hugging her friend and kissing her “See why you should have a friend like me around… we know this, we got super powers… intuition” Tonia touches her temple..

”Ha!! right, you are wrong on other things”

”Í am not, like what?”

”Like for once about being a dancer, I sucked at dancing,”

”That was when my powers were down”

”How about when you said that I will be a counselor, I have no idea what it entails and I couldn’t even convince my daughter to not talk to strangers… see”

”Well you are a teacher, you tutor”

”Not the same thing”

”It is , plus, it’s because she didn’t listen to you she met her father. Speaking of father, I have another intuition… yes I see it” she squints her eyes touching her temple

Megan rolls her eyes ”And that is?”

”You and Sean, me thinking that… the story isn ‘t complete yet”

”It is, father and daughter reunite… and Kiki and her father finally meets, everyone is happy”

”And you? What about you?”

”Áre you crazy, I am happy, really happy”‘

”Yes I know you are happy? I am talking about the affairs of the heart. You both got chemistry.. the beach, the way he looks at you, the way you fidget around him especially since the beach, even the party … what were you both doing in the house?” Tonia taps her jaw

”Nothing” Megan turns away

”Hey, you sneaky sneaky little slut… what did you both do?”

”Jesus nothing, we did nothing Tonia, don’t be disgusting” Megan turns away to hide her blush

”Hmmm, then explain that blush rising on your cheeks right now eh… explain it”

”Okay, it was just a little kiss …” Tonia looks at her ”Okay it was more than a little deep passionate kiss but that is it. That was all, I pushed him away okay. “‘

Tonia shakes her head ”You need to reset your head, but that is fine, there is chemistry there… it’s obvious, Sean likes you a-”

”He said he does” Megan admits it to her

”Aha!! Good, see. Everything is working out, he likes you, he has a beautiful daughter by you and you like him too… baby, you have your happy ending”

”We don’t know that and I don’t even like him” Tonia looks at her ”okay I don’t know, maybe I do or I don’t know but it doesn’t matter. A guy like Sean already has a life, a girlfriend or something… we don’t know that, I don’t put ideas in my head, you also don’t put ideas in my head. It’s enough I got my back my family and Sean gets his daughter and Kiki her father… that to me is my happy ending”

Tonia sighs , “Oh Megan! you underestimate the power of love, do” Tonia pulls her into a hug

“Well if God has a say in it… I am sure he would surprise us all. It might not be with Sean, but you will get your happy ending and a man who will love you..and love Kiki too. I promise”

Megan smiles hugging her friend back ”Maybe not in this life time”

”Shut up else I will strangle you and dump your dead body, stop talking nonsense “‘

Meagn laughs sealing her lips “‘Yes Mum!” they laugh.



”So..You happy?”

“Hell yeah I am” Sean says as he goes to get coffee

”Responsibilities and all, damn, those calls Sean… you are all in”

”All line and sinker deep in, you have no idea. I have making up for four years… she is going to get everything within my power, everything!.. Especially my love and time” Sean laughs, he needs to make more calls, oh she was going to go to the best schools..go shopping, everything. Oh he is so happy.

”And Megan..?” Zachary cocks his head to the side

Sean turns to him, from the corner of his eyes he stares at her, Zachary follows his eyes ”What about Megan?”

”What do you mean what about Megan?” Zachary frowns

Sean laughs ”What do you think? I have a kid, she is beautifully and I am also taken with her mother… why would you stupidly ask me what about Megan, I am going to get both MY GIRLS!!!

”Your are serious about this aren’t you?” Zachary shakes his head

”Zachary!! I haven’t been this serious in my entire life, my daughter is going to grow up in a home with two parents… I mean a home… married parents. Parents who love each other”

”You love Megan?”

”What is there not to love?”

”Does she feel the same?”

”I am… I was working on that before all this… she will, eventually”

”You can’t force a chick to marry you dude, especially one who doesn’t love you”

”Don’t be ridiculous Zachary, I am not going to force her, I am just going to love her like she has never been loved before, and this thing I feel for Megan is real… it’s all real and I know she feels something for me, if that kitchen incident is any indication…”

“Whoa wait what kitchen incident ?” Zachary touches his arm

Sean pauses and thins his lips “A gentleman never kisses and tells” he says turning away

”Fool!! You are bad man”‘ Zachary laughs

”No Zachary, I think not, I am in love with Megan Philips, and I am getting both my girls..!!”

”Best man duties??”

”Just know I would be the cutest man there that day and my girls would be angelic”

Zachary laughs shaking his head ”You really are happy!!! ”

”Yes Zachary, you have no idea” he stares at Megan, their eyes meet, and for the first time since they met, she smiles at him. No frown, no scorn, no anger… it made his heart flutter.

His heart catches in his chest…”You have no idea!!”

· *****