My Father’s Desire Episode 8


Adaobi had stayed for two weeks in Edochie’s house. One evening, she was discussing with Edochie in his living room when all of a sudden the urge to vomit came upon her. She rushed to the bathroom and vomited. When she came back, Edochie asked,
“Are you all right?”
“Yes, I am fine. It is just that I have been having this feeling. It is like I am about to have malaria,” answered Adaobi.
“That means that we should visit a doctor tomorrow” Edochie suggested.
At the hospital the next day, the medical doctor, Dr Kelue, carried out some diagnosis and tests on Adaobi.
Dr Kelue was one of those Igbos that went to Britain in the eighties in search of golden fleece. He finished his studies and graduated as a gynaecologist and obstetrician. He then got married to a white Briton and naturalised. He was tall and fat. He had a narrow face and a flat nose. His eyes were small with luxurious eyebrows. In contrast to his height, he had stubby but active fingers. He moved swiftly and talked very fast. He could be described as a successful doctor who owned a private clinic known as Kelux Specialist Hospital. He had initially refused to come back to Nigeria because of insecurity. According to him, “if you are not killed by armed robbers, hired killers will not spare you. if you escape these categories of people, you may not escape road accidents or religious riots”. It took concerted efforts of his colleagues who assured him that the new dispensation in government had brought many positive changes in the country to convince him return to Nigeria. So since he returned, patients especially women had besieged his hospital. So Edochie took Adaobi to this specialist.
Few hours later, Edochie and Adaobi were ushered into the doctors office.
“Good day, doctor”, they greeted in unison.
“Good day. Please sit down. Madam when was the last time you saw your period?” Dr.Kelue asked Adaobi.
Adaobi behaved as if she didn’t understand what the doctor meant by his question.
“Anyway”, began Dr.Kelue. “I am happy to announce to you that you are two months pregnant.”
“WHAT!” shouted Edochie.