Almost Perfect-Episode 16


The concierge led Annie and I to our table, I pulled out her chair for her before sitting down. The ‘ Grapes’ was an A_ class restaurant where only the elite and crème de la crème of the society dined and it was one of the best restaurants in Town.
” Annie, Where are your friends?” I asked in irritation,” don’t they know to keep to time?”
She batted her fake eyes lashes at me.” Uche just pinged me. He’s parking his car now, they should be with us shortly”
The elderly waiter discreetly cleared his throat to announce his presence before placing the menu in front of us. I ordered red wine for the ladies and a cognac for myself and Uche.
” There they are” Annie said, glowing happily.
A young man and a beautiful lady appeared in front of us. I stood up and shook the hand he extended. The lady was in a long flowing black dinner gown which molded her curves and accentuated her firm small b—–s. She wore a light make up, i couldn’t tell if the pink shade of her full lips was natural or not. Her deep brown eyes stirred something in my heart and i had to literally give myself a kick for rudely staring at her. There was just something about her which i couldn’t place my hands on. But she was definitely doing something to my stone cold heart.
” Uchenna Nwafor,” he said
” Sylvester” I stated simply
” This is my girlfriend, Dupe, ” he introduced
” Pleased to meet you sir,” She said in a calm angelic voice
” Sylvester will do, pleased to meet you too.” I said, Shaking her soft hand.
” Dupe, Annie ” Uche introduced the ladies
” Hello Dupe, lovely gown you’ ve got there” Annie said
” Thank you, ” She replied, ” You look good too”
Annie laughed, ” I always look good my dear”
We sat down, Uche and i engaged in small talks while we waited for our orders but my mind was on the girl beside him. Although Annie was sultry and beautiful it was all artificial enhancement so she had nothing on Dupe. I had a craving need to know more about the girl, how does she like her breakfast? how does she moan? does she sleep on her side or her back?. I couldn’t believe i was thinking all these barely few minutes of meeting her. I watched she and her boyfriend all through dinner, how they complete each other’s sentences, the subtle looks they shared when they thought we weren’t watching. How their bodies were rubbing against each other, it all brought back a surge of childhood feelings. I recognized those looks, it was the look my father used to give my mother before everything went wrong. These two were truly in love.
” Shark, are you alright?” Annie asked, placing her hand on my thigh.
” I am fine, why do you ask?”
” You have gone so quiet”
” Sorry, i was lost in thought” I said, ” too many pro bono cases sitting on my desk”
” I followed your first trial, I prayed for you all through the duration of the trial.” The girl blurted out and blushed.
I was touched. It was the first time a woman other than my mother openly confessed she prayed for me. My respect for her went a notch higher. It was even difficult to find a woman who prays not to talk of one who prays for strangers.
Annie laughed, ” Shark doesn’t need prayers Dupe, he’s good at what he does”
” Everyone needs Prayer” Uche said,” it is something we can’t do without”
” Oh pu_ leez! ” she said rolling her eyes,” Dont tell me Dupe’s prayers won him the case!”
” Actually my whole family and i prayed and fasted for God to help him out,” She replied. ” God still answers prayers”
I laughed to mask the deep emotions i was feeling,” That means I owe you and your family one. I appreciate the prayers”
” You are welcome,” She said.
” How long have you guys been dating?” I asked
” Ten months ” Uche replied
” How about you and Annie?” Dupe asked
I coughed and sipped my wine to avoid answering the question. Annie had taken it upon herself that we were an item but to me we were only scratching each other’s back.
Ever since that day Mabel opened my eyes to the pleasures in between my legs i never for once failed to indulge in it. I did it every second, every minute, in the kitchen while i was making dinner, in the bathroom, even in the car on my way to the mall. I stayed up all night browsing e.rotic sites and watching pornographic videos. It seemed like a vital part of me was missing when I didn’t do it.
Sometimes in the middle of a lesson with Serwa, i would ask her to give me a second and i would rush into my room, lift up my skirt and pleasure my self until I get my release. I pretended to be sick often so i would be left alone to indulge in my secret pleasure. Afterwards i would sit up, regretting my actions as guilt sail through me and i would promise myself not to do it again.
Some nights i cried myself to sleep afterwards blaming myself for letting Mabel turn me into a dirty sinner. I was gradually losing a grip on myself and I no longer return Dupe’s calls because i felt i betrayed our Godly upbringing.
” Don’t i get a hug from you?” Mabel asked, interrupting my thoughts.
I was beginning to harbor a certain dislike for her because she didn’t tell me the act of masturbation would reduce me to what i was becoming, she didn’t tell me i would feel dirty and guilty after each release. Neither did she tell me i would hesitate to go into the house of God because I felt like my sins were written on my forehead. She never did say i would have a deep craving to know more and more about sexual matters. I stay up late into the night watching one pornographic material or the other and i also wasted my money on Mega bytes. I had discovered the stranger in me and I was finding it difficult to be the one in control.
” I will miss you,” I said, giving her a hug.
” I will miss you all too ” she replied, teary eyed.” Serwa come give Mummy a kiss,”
The child held onto my hand, staring at her mother. I gently nugged her forward and she gave her mother a brief hug before walking back to me.
” Bell, you will miss your flight!” Tade shouted, igniting the car.
She blew us a kiss before walking into the car. We watched the car pull out of the compound before the young child and i went back inside. It was decided that i should move into the guest room in the main house so i would be closer to Serwa.
” Miss Funmi, can i have some chocolates” she asked.
” Yes Princess, but don’t eat too much. Save some room for my famous Amala”
She laughed, opened the fridge and took out some chocolate bars before sitting on the kitchen stool.” You are so cool, my mom doesn’t make us this stuffs.”
” Remember we agreed it would be our little secret. She might send me away if she discovers i have been feeding you what is not on your food roaster”
” I won’t tell ” She said, stuffing her mouth with chocolate.” My dad said my granny is very sick so Mommy has to travel with her”She sighed dramatically,”I have a recital in school, everyone’s mommy will be there except mine. Mommy has never been to my recitals before”
” I will be there” I said, placing a pot of water on the cooker.
” You are not my mommy so it is not the same thing” She pointed out.” You are only my home tutor”
” We’ill pretend I am your real mommy”
She pulled a face, ” You don’t have a ring on your finger and you don’t dress like my mommy.”
” I am your fairygod mother…I won’t disappoint you”
She laughed heartily, ” Like Cinderella’ s fairy godmother? but you don’t have a magic wand.”
” Don’t be a little doubting Thomas, trust me”
It started out as a harmless fun but i found myself getting deeper and deeper into it. I wanted to make Serwa happy by pretending to be her mother at her school recital. Her teachers knew i was her home tutor but her friends didn’t because Mabel had never been to any of her school plays and recitals before. I assured Tade that i would ensure his daughter was fine so he let me take her to the recital.
On the way i went into a little cafe by the roadside and i changed in their rest room into one of Mabel’s beautiful gown. I wore her wig and did the best i could with her old make up kit. I was stunned at the elegant and beautiful woman who stared back at me in the mirror. I got cat calls as i walked back into the cafe where Serwa was seated munching on chocolate muffins. The security guys rushed to get the door for me and i got a lot of cheerful greetings and smiles.
Serwa was also bouncing up with joy and declaring that i was so beautiful. A fake ring i got at the mall settled that part of me being ‘ married’. The other mothers in the school hall cozied up to me and some wanted to know if my child was new in the school. I simply smiled and pointed at Serwa who didn’t miss a single line of her poem.
” How come we’ ve never seen you before? ” one mother asked
” I travel a lot ” I replied, enjoying the attention.
” Your daughter is so brilliant! I have seen your husband before, he’s a hunk” another gushed.
I felt a blush creap up my cheeks. ” Thank you,”
” How does he do it? he’s still so fit and handsome!” Another mother joined the conversation,” My husband no longer grooms himself. He’s growing a paunch now, I tell you”
” Your husband is so sexy! You are such a lucky woman! all that muscles and packs!” A white lady exclaimed.
They all laughed except for me. I was becoming Pricky at their comments, a part of me wondered why i was feeling angry at their comments but another part reminded me that i was only feeling so on Mabel’s behalf. The words of those ladies sow a seed in my adventure seeking mind which I didn’t realize until later that night, the faceless man in my numerous fantasies took on a new form. That night, it was Tade whose fingers carressed me gently and it was his hands that took me to that pinnacle of glory. It was his name I called out as i arched my back in ecstasy.
To be continued..