My Father’s Desire Episode 12


One thing led to another and one year later Adaobi got married to Obinna. She went home and reconciled with his father and asked Ikenna for forgiveness. Her two brothers Anayo and Ifeanyi later continued to go school. Their father had managed to pay their school fees-the major reason why he had pushed Adaobi to go to Edochie.
Adaobi’s traditional marriage was talk of the town. On her traditional wedding day, as the day wore on, friends and relatives started to gather in Mazi Okwu’s compound already decorated with canopies, chairs, banners and stickers. So as early as the previous day, people had begun to troop into Mazi Okwu’s house for free foods and drinks. More so when they knew that Obinna was a business tycoon from Lagos, they felt that there would be much provision for enjoyment. For those that did not know, the news went round the entire village like the speed of a lightning.
They therefore prepared themselves properly. It was not therefore surprising that before 12noon that day, Mazi Okwu’s compound was already filled with quest. To the extent that more chairs and canopies had to be ordered to the already planned numbers. As expected, those early comers had enough to eat and drink despite the fact that the occasion was yet to start.
It was around 3pm when Obinna in hisToyota Camry car arrived in a convoy of other expensive vehicles driven by his friends. They pulled up outside the compound and the music changed to a special number ushering them in, in a grand style.
The occasion went on successfully and at the end everybody was happy for Adaobi.
Mr. Obinna Obieche was made a proud father when nine months later, his wife Adaobi was delivered of a baby girl. He named her Nnenna saying that she looked exactly like his mother. Adaobi rounded up her degree programme at the Lagos State University and became an Economist. Her father was proud of her and happy at their reconciliation and the turn of events in Adaobi’s life. Indeed, he pushed Adaobi to Lagos where she found a better husband…