My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 35


Me: hello Samuel.

Samuel: Idris what’s up?

Me: something is up o.

Samuel: wait, like true true something don come up?

Me: no, like lie lie. I dey serious abeg. Something don come up.

Samuel: and wetin be the thing? Sheybe you dey for work right now?

Me: yes o I dey for work. As I dey speak with you so, Ruth dey for inside our hotel right now.

Samuel: what!!!!!!

Me: yes o. She dey inside our hotel right now with one tight alhaji oo.

Samuel: ok, wetin you want make I do now?

Me: which kind rubbish question be that?

Samuel: na you say you no like stephanie na. You say you no want her again. Why not let her be?

Me: I know say I talk like that but guy, follow me reason things na. If this girl really plan me then the best thing to do right now na to disgrace her.

Samuel: na true o.

Me: so how things go be.

Samuel: tomorrow, she go leave there alone since she dey there dey service alhaji. Immediately she come out of the hotel, me and other guys go corner her.

Me: bravo Samuel! Bravo!! Infact you suppose to be the special planner to the president.

Samuel: which one be special planner again?

Me: na new post. You go dey help the president dey plan things for the betterment of this country.

Samuel: hahahaha. You no serious o.

Me: I resemble person wey dey joke?

Samuel: ok I don here. Just send me the colour of the cloth wey she wear and everything via text message and leave everything to us.

Me: no prob. Thank you very much my man.

Samuel: don’t mention because you are always welcome.

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Just like expected, Ruth came down with the other girls. From the smile on their faces, it was very obvious they have been paid handsomely.

Immediately she left the hotel, I texted Samuel who was outside the hotel with some boys waiting for her to show up that Ruth has just left the hotel with the other girls.

Ruth got out of the hotel and waited a little while on the lonely road for any taxi to show up but there wasn’t any sign of a car coming through that road at that time.

She decided to walk a little while to the main junction maybe she might get a taxi there.

Just then, Samuel stepped in front of her. She tried avoiding him but he was still getting in her way. She decided to turn and change her route when three other guys surrounded her.

Before she could turn and make a move, Samuel held her from behind, placed his handkerchief on her nose and she passed out.


I was inside the hotel, busy looking at my phone. Anxious, waiting for Samuel to call. Just then, my phone rang.

Me: hello!!

Samuel: shey your night shift don finish?

Me: yes, I go soon dey come house self.

Samuel: very good. We dey for that uncomplited building near Queens plaza. Shey you go fit meet us there?

Me: why not? Una don catch the chick?

Samuel: yes, she dey here with us.

Me: what!!!!!! Make una never do anything. I dey come first!!
I said as I rushed to meet them.
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