My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 36


Ruth: let me go please. Don’t kill me. I am a poor and helpless girl. Please don’t kill me.

Samuel: shut up before I kill you now.

Guy 1: wetin we dey waste time for, make we just waste her now.

Ruth: *crying* Haa, why na?

Guy 2: na true o. Make we just finish her. At least police no go even see her dead body because we go just bury her.

Guy 3: chilax. This girl too fine abeg. Make we just f–k her till she weak. Then we go leave her to her faith. Na die wey she go still die.

Samuel: make una blood no rush. Shey you dey hear wetin we dey plan against you?

Ruth: *crying* yes I dey hear una.

Samuel: very good. I want make you do two things for us.

Ruth: ok.

Samuel: one you go stop this your cry cry.

Ruth: *sobbing* ok, I will try.

Samuel: no be try wey we want. We never do you anything you just dey cry. If we come beat you wetin you go do, na die you go die.

Ruth: ok, wetin be the second thing.

Samuel: e get wetin you do my friend. I want you to tell us why you do the thing. Infact what are your aims and objectives including your reward for framing him?

Ruth: which of your friends, I no know any of your friends.

Samuel: just wait. He go soon come.

I entered inside the uncomplited building and smiled. My friend has done a nice job.

Me: nice work boys.

Samuel: who be your boys?

Me: sorry, I mean guys. So wetin dey sup. She don talk?

Samuel: no she never talk for now. She dey claim say she no know you.

Me: remove the blindfold.

Samuel removed the blindfold on her and she gasped on seeing me.

Me: ahaa! You must have recognized my face. You this wicked girl.

Samuel: this better be fast. Do you know this guy?

He said pointing at me.

Ruth: no, I can’t recognize his face.


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The third guy or should I say bouncer that came with Samuel gave her a dirty slap.

Me: no!!!!

I shouted as I felt pity for her.

Me: Samuel, abeg carry your guys go outside. I want handle this situation alone.

Samuel: you sure say you go fit do this thing alone.

Me: haba my guy. You no trust me again. Just leave the situation to me. I go handle am wella.

Samuel: ok we dey outside. Incase you need us, just holla. Guys make we wait outside.

He said as he led the way and the three other guys followed from behind.

When they have gone out. I came close to the girl and held her face. I turned it a bit and there was some marks on the side the guy slapped her.

Me: sorry for that.

Ruth: *silent*

Me: I know you know me. I promise not to do anything harmful to you if you just tell us the truth.

Ruth: *silent*

Me: why did you set me up with Stephanie?

Ruth: *silent*

I knelt down on one knee, held her hands and asked her again. Tears were gathering in her eyes but she still remained silent.

Me: please tell me. The information you are hiding can be what we need to ignite our relationship again.

Ruth: *silent*

Me: I can see you are not ready to talk.

I stood up as I started to walk to where Samuel and his guys were waiting. Maybe she needs strong hands on her with some torture in order for her mouth to be open.

Ruth: wait.

I stopped and turned.

Ruth: she said she will kill me if I expose her secret.

I came close to her again and held her hands squatting at her front.

Me: I promise you with my life that no harm will befall you if you say the truth.

Ruth: *looking down as tears were coming out of her eyes* ok
Me: so who is the ‘she’

Ruth: M…MI…MI…MI

Me: yes go on.

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