My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 33


I was watching my favorite soap opera when my phone rang. I picked it and it was James that was calling me.

Me: hello James?

James: Stephanie, I really need to see you.

Me: what?

James: it’s very urgent please!!

Me: I don’t think I can come.

James: please I am begging you. I am here in your father’s house and your attention is really needed.

Me: I hope nothing is wrong over there?

James: just come here please!

Me: okay, I am on my way.

I got up, took my car keys and got out of my house. The reason why James is calling me should better be reasonable or else!

I ran inside the house to behold the greatest shock of my life. James dad and mum was in my father’s house.

My mother, father and little sister Miracle was also sitting down in the sitting room with James parents.

What is going on here, I didn’t know that James parents are here in Nigeria. How could he keep that from me, even my parents too. What’s even going on here.

I just stood still looking everyone when James walked up to me and did the unimaginable. He knelt down on one kneel, brought a little parcel from his pocket and opened it.

There inside the parcel was a little ring with a small diamond carved in the middle of it.

James: Stephanie my love, I humbly bring myself down before you and I want you to do me the favour of marrying me. I want you to be called my wife. My life partner and the mother of my unborn children.

My mother, father, little sister and James parents were all whispering yes, yes, yes.

Tears ran down from my eyes. It was tears of anger, hatred and betrayal. How could James pull this kind of evil stunt on me. Telling him no in the presence of his parents and mine is really disrespectful.

My dad would be very disappointed in me including my mum. James parents would say that my parents did not teach me good manners and behaviors.

I just stood their crying unable to say yes or no. He took my hand and place the ring on it.

My parents and his all clapped and they started celebrating.

Me: *whispering after cleaning my tears* James, we need to talk.

James: ok stephanie.

He said following me to an empty room. Immediately we entered inside, I turned round and gave him an eye blinding slap.


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Me: are you mad? Are you stupid? So you have the mind to do this to me right? James you are very wicked!!!!!!

I shouted with all the fury and power bestowed upon me.

James: *silent*

He was still trying to revive himself. After about ten minutes, he opened his eyes. I threw the useless ring he gave to me back to his face as I stormed out of the room.

James: wait!!

I stopped and turned round facing him.

James: you still have to take this because your parents and mine are out there celebrating our engagement. You don’t expect them to see you without your ring you know. And stephanie, I really love you. Well to cut things short, my parents are here because of our wedding coming up in two weeks time. Be prepared. All you need to do is to show up. All the preparations and planning is being done by our parents so be prepared to be wedded soon.

Me: what!!!!!!

James: *smiling* yes Mrs James Watson.

I just picked the ring from him and stormed out of the room. Oh my God, I can’t believe this is really happening. I need to talk to my dad.
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