My Boss Wife~ Episode 13 Final


“Hurry up Chris, my mum is already waiting for us.” My son said. I had promised to take them to the Amusement Park.
 “Wait, I’m speaking with my dad.” Chris said, holding his phone with his right hand and making a sign with his left hand, telling me to wait. 
“Yes dad.” He said on the phone. 
“Where did you say your friend’s house is? I’m coming to get you immediately.” His dad was saying from the other end. 
“Dad, I’m not coming home today; we are going to the Amusement Park.” 
“Amusement what? Your grandma wants to see you.”
 “Dad, tell grandma that I’ll be seeing her as soon as I return, we’re already on our way to the Amusement Park.” 
“I’m coming to get you from there; you will have other opportunities to meet with your friend.” His dad said and ended the call. 
“Mummy, wait, Chris is coming.” My son told me as I picked up the car key from the table. 
On our way to the Amusement Park, we stopped at the “Juice and Spice” and bought some snacks and drinks. 
“Mummy, get some egg roll too.” My son said pointing his hand to a “Juice and Spice” waitress who was giving some egg rolls to a customer. I bought some and got some ice cream, in addition to some soft drinks. 
We were held on traffic just before the Amusement Park; a trailer fell down and blocked the road. The security agents were trying to get the trailer off the road when my son opened the door of the car and went out. 
“Where are you going?” I called my son but he was keenly watching what was happening. Before I could stop him, Chris joined him and I saw myself following them. 
“Mummy, we’ve even reached the Amusement Park; that’s the gate.” My son was pointing his fingers at the gate and I was just smiling deep within me. 
“This boy is just behaving like his father.” 
“Chris, c’mon, let’s go inside the Amusement Park and begin to play.” My son dragged Chris with his hand and before I could stop them, they were opening the gate to the Amusement Park. I later joined them when the trailer was taken off the road. As we were eating, drinking and watching the camaraderie of the charming species in the zoological garden of the Amusement Park, Chris’ phone beeped. 
“Hello daddy.” He answered the call. 
“Hello son, where are you in the Amusement Park? I’m here with your grandma to see you.” 
“I’m in the zoological garden admiring the caged lions and zebra.”
 “I’ll be there in a minute.” When Chris saw his grandma, he ran and embraced her. I was chatting and smiling with my son when I saw Mr. Kayode hugging Chris. Was he his father? He was as shocked as I was when he saw me. 
“Dad, meet Odin, my friend and his mum.”
 “Good day sir, Chris has told me a lot about you.” 
“How are you enjoying your small picnic?” Mr. Kayode asked my son.
 “It’s been great sir.” My son responded with a smile. 
“Chris’ dad, nice to meet you.” I said pretending as if I was just meeting him for the first time. He shot an incredulous look at me and I saw myself almost stammering. 
“Mummy, good afternoon.” I greeted his mother and she smiled.
 “Good afternoon my daughter. You know what children enjoy most.” She said. I looked at Kayode’s dark eyes and they reflected a man of strong passions. I still had feelings for him but I didn’t want to create a scene in front of our kids. As Chris and my son went watching the crocodiles, Chris’ grandma sat down sipping a drink. It was at that instant that Kayode brought his chair close to mine. He tried talking to me but I didn’t give him the chance. I stood up from there and went joining my son and his friend, leaving Kayode and his mother. 
“Mummy, look at this tilapia.” My son said. We watched as we admired the animal species until we saw some children playing and running up and down at one end of the garden. My son and Chris joined them and instead of going back to where I sat and where we dropped our things, I decided to go to the lions than go and meet Kayode. 
When my son and his friend finished playing and came around, we three walked to where Kayode and his mum sat. “Daddy, why are you looking at my friend’s mum like that?” Chris asked his father and I shivered with surprise. 
“Nothing son, I’m just wondering why she came with you two to play here.” Kayode responded with common sense, hiding the truth.
 “Or do you love her dad?” His son asked further. At that point, I was awestruck. 
“I love my mummy but you can love her too, Chris told me that you are a good daddy.” My son said. 
“Mummy, do you love him?” My son asked and I denied loving him, staring at him as tears rose in my eyes. 
“Chris, I can’t find one leg of my shoes.” My son said. 
“Odin, I think you left it in front of the lion’s cage.” My son and Chris walked to the lion’s cage to get one leg of his sandal. It was at that point in time that Kayode’s mother stared at us too and smiled, making a deep sigh.
 “Kayode, I love you.” I didn’t know how the words came out. After some seconds of silence, he responded: “I love you too dear.” As the words tumbled from his lips, he came closer. I couldn’t fight the desire that suddenly surged within me. I had tried too long and too hard to hold it in check but it overshadowed me; my feelings for him swept through me like a fire, searing her nerve endings, heating the surface of my skin, burning all the spots that ached for a man’s touched. Without saying a word, I kissed him and he embraced me so passionately. His mother’s gaze was on us. When Chris and my son returned, they saw me in his arms and they all smiled, hugging us two and smiling. 
He married me thereafter and Chris and Odin became brothers; they were the ones who affirmed our union. They remained our heroes ever after
The End 
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In a relationship be it courtship or you are already married never you deny your spouse of attention because attention is the most important thing in a relationship. 
I wish to use this opportunity to express my unalloyed gratitude to you all who followed this story from the beginning right to the end. I’m wishing you all a fulfilling journey in your literary peregrination here on pobsonline and beyond.