Broken Seal~Episode 35


Its time for dinner, Nenita declined being on the dinning table with Nikky. She preferred being in with Tomas who was eating in the sitting room. Nikky just ignored them, atleast Nenita is now in her custody and Tomas would be in the hospital for days. That is enough to buy her time. 
Nenita: hmmmm this food tastes great. Right daddy? 
Tomas: of course baby, we’ve never ate this kinda food before, your mum is a great cook you know. 
Nenita: speaking of her, do you think shes my real mother?
 Tomas: ma’am Naomi can’t lie to you. Besides, i think i remembered ma’am Naomi mentioning you were brought to the orphanage by a man. That was years ago. 
Nenita: but why did she abandon me all this while?
 Tomas: it’d be better to hear from the horse’ mouth. 
Nenita: i tried asking her, but she seem not to know how questions are to be answered. She’d either tell me “shut up” or “i’d tell you later” 
Tomas: maybe shes waiting for the right time. Its not everything kids should know.
 Nenita: i hope your eye surgery would be successful so you’d finally get to know what i look like.
 Tomas: hope so too…i know my baby is a beautiful girl. 
Nenita: of course! Eh dad, promise me that no matter what, you’d still remain my dad. 
Tomas: you’d be seeing your biological father real soon…..promise! I’d remain your godfather. 
Nenita:thanks dad, i love you!!! this food is the best! I think i’d add some more.
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 ? ? ? ? 
The past days were so boring and uneventful. How can they be eventful when the valley between Ella and I is growing deeper? She don’t pick my phone calls, don’t reply my message. Isabella left for her friends’ house. I felt lonely and bored, and so i decided to take a walk downstreet. I walked for minutes. I ran into a church and decided to go in. Perhabs to say a word of prayer. Its been long i last prayed. I entered St. Michael catholic church. I was greeted by rows of desks and a very tall pulpit. The priest here must be a very tall man.
 I found myself a seat. Rather than praying, i got lost in my thoughts maybe ‘coz the environment was serene and cozy. I felt a soft touch on my back, it jolted me from my thoughts. Hmmmm so angels truly exist? I turned to face the angel, to have a glimpse of it before it disappear to God knows where. Rather than an angel, a human was standing in front of me. Someone i didn’t expect to see in the next decade. I was suprised to see Ella, she attend masses here? I tried hard to resist the urge to hug her. I only hissed and turned my face. 
Ella: sweetheart am sorry! Did you hear that? “sweet heart? Am i hallucinating? This is too good to be real, if its a dream, i don’t wanna ever end it. 
Me: (feigning anger) what do you want? She sat next to me and held my hands…
. Ella: i’m sorry, i misinterpreted everything.
 Me: what do you mean?
 Ella: well you see, when i saw those pics, i got mad immediately, i thought you were cheating. Isabella explained everything to me, moreso, i have this hunch that Rodelio was part of the plan ‘coz of his incessant pester in the past few days. I also saw him chatting with that lady on several occasions. 
Me: i’m glad you finally know the truth, so we’ar good? 
Ella: More than good! Who exactly is that lady and why are you two that close? I was taken aback by her question, should i tell her everything? That Nikky my ex is pregnant, noooo what if she leaves me after hearing this? I can’t loose her!!! 
Me: i….i mean we….uhm…. Just then my phone started ringing. the caller is Nikky!!! I ignored the call but my phone continued ringing. 
Ella: won’t you pick your call? If i don’t, Ella may get suspicious, what if i do, what would i say on the phone?!!! 
? ? To be continued ? ?