My Boss Wife~ Episode 11


As a kid growing up, my dad always picked me up from school and I always imagined those memorable days anytime I went picking up my son from school. Since I lost my husband, I always made sure I was there for him at all times but it happened this afternoon that I was in a meeting with the Board of Trustees of my husband’s company and I couldn’t go to pick up Odin from school. I almost forgot when I sent a text message to Busayo to help me pick him up. Thirty minutes later, I received a phone call. 
“Hello.” It was just after the meeting with the members of the Board of Trustees. 
“Is this Mrs. Anthonia Raymond?” A manly voice from the other end spoke up.
 “Yes, who am I speaking with?” 
“You are speaking with Dr. Henry from St. Gerald’s Hospital.”
 “How may I help you doctor?” 
“I’m sorry to inform you that Miss Busayo was involved in an accident.” 
“You mean Busayo, my friend and my only child?” I yelled over the phone. 
“I’m sorry ma’am but your presence is needed urgently in the hospital.” 
“I’ll be there right away.” I ran out of the office and went to the parking lodge. My hands were shaking when I entered the car. To steady myself, I sat back and took a slow, deep breath. My mind was filled with images of my son and Busayo. Hope they were not dead or seriously injured? I was not only concerned but really worried. 
All the way to the hospital, I couldn’t shake the mental image of my son from my mind. He was all I had and I didn’t want anything to happen to him. As soon as I reached the hospital, the nurses were walking up and down, carrying files and hardly speaking with anyone.
 “Good afternoon.” I greeted a nurse whose hands touched mine mistakenly. 
“Good afternoon ma’am.” 
“Please some accident victims were brought to the hospital.”
 “Ooh, are you related to any of them?” My heart was beating in a fast tempo and I had a feeling that something bad had happened but the doctor didn’t want to let me know over the phone.
 “Are they fine?” I quickly asked the nurse. 
“We’re doing our best ma’am.” The nurse said and at that instant, I nearly fell down before somebody held me from behind. It was another nurse.
 “Um…thank you nurse.” 
“You’re welcome ma’am.” The nurse said and walked away.
 “Doctor.” I called the doctor who was passing but he didn’t stop.
 “Doctor, doctor.” I called again and again before he stopped. 
“Yes, can I help you?” 
“Yes doctor, I am Mrs. Anthonia Raymond, the one you spoke with on phone.” 
“Oh, I remember.” He paused for some seconds before he added: 
“Can I see you immediately in my office please.” 
“Are they fine?” I asked but the doctor was trying to calm me down.
 “Doctor, is my son alright?” I shouted and the doctor held my hand. 
“Yes, your son is fine.” He said and my mind calmed down. In his office, the doctor wanted to speak to me when he stammered. 
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“Doctor, is everything alright?” I asked him, my mind still perturbed. 
“Madame, everything is not alright; we lost the two other victims.”
 “What?” I shouted and started crying. 
“You need to be strong ma’am.” The doctor told me in a calm tune. He led me to the room where Busayo’s body lay covered. I saw my friend’s corpse and I couldn’t hold myself. I stood there speechless and tears fell from my wet eyes. The doctor looked at me before he covered the body. 
“What about the other victim?” I asked in a trembling voice.
 “Madame, the other victim is in the next room but the husband to the woman is there and wouldn’t want to be disturbed now. I shook my head, my eyes still wet with tears as I asked the doctor if I could see my son.
 “Can I see my son then?” 
“That’s no problem ma’am; your son is in the children’s ward. He sustained a minor injury and a nurse was helping to dress the wound.” 
“Ooh, my son.” My eyes were streaming tears. 
“Mummy I love you.” My son said
. “I love you too honey.” I carried him and kissed him. 
After I had seen my son, the doctor led me to the room where the other victim lay. I left my son with one of the nurses and followed the doctor. As soon as I stepped my feet inside the room, I froze when I saw the husband of the deceased. 
It was Mr. Kayode.