My Boss Wife~Episode 10


“What are you doing?” Busayo asked as soon as she entered the hospital room. 
“Ooh Busayo, I was thinking you weren’t coming again.”
 “Not coming again? Noo, I would have arrived earlier if not for the traffic.” She said smiling. My son had been discharged from the hospital and I was dressing him up when she came in. She had told me she would be coming after work and I thought she was not coming again since it was already late in the evening
 “Hmmmm, I just hope we will reach home early this evening.” 
“We would reach home naah, let me help you put the clothes in the suitcase.” She started arranging the clothes as I was drawing up his pair of trousers. 
“Thank you joor.”
 “Aunty Busayo good evening.” Odin greeted her.
 “Odin, how are you?”
 “I am fine but mummy said I broke my hand.”
 “Don’t mind mummy; your hand is fine.” 
“I don’t mind my mummy but I’m thinking about my daddy because I saw a man on top of mummy the other day.” He shook his head and I watched his eyes closing and opening, wondering what was exactly on his mind.
 “Odin, don’t worry about that man; mummy loves you so much.” I said as I quickly tied his belt around his waist. 
“Tonia, you have to do something fast about that Kayode of a man before he…” 
“Trust me naah, I am dismissing him from office as soon as I step my feet there tomorrow.” I was saying when the nurse came in with Odin’s drugs. I received the drugs from her and put them inside the suitcase before we left the hospital. 
The next day, I told my secretary to typeset a letter for me. It was Mr. Kayode’s Letter of Dismissal. I had spent the night thinking about whether to go ahead and dismiss him or not since he had not done anything against the company’s moral code. I decided to still ask him to leave because I couldn’t stop thinking of him; working closely with him can ignite my feelings and I don’t want that to happen again. 
“Madame, is there anything wrong?” Mr. Kayode said when I summoned him to my office. 
“Who are you calling Madame? You better get out from my sight before I…” I threw a white envelope at him without saying a word. 
“Madame, is there any work for me outside the office environment?” He asked calmly. I looked at him and remembered the first day I met him; the day he touched me. I tried to evade the experience of him out of my mind but it all seemed like a herculean task. I settled at my desk and began moving my fingers on the arm of the chair as I showed him the way out of my office. 
After some three minutes, my office phone rang. The secretary was calling to let me know that he was coming to see me.
 “Tell Mr. Kayode I don’t want to see him in my life.” I shouted on the phone.
 “Let him get out of my life.” I said to myself. 
“But Madame…” the secretary was saying.
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 “Do as I say or you lose your job.” I said, sounding bossy. After work that day, Busayo intimated me on her new found friend. She had met another guy and she seemed to be falling for him already. 
“The guy is just awesome.” She was saying and smiling. 
“Bussy-baby, who is this guy you are already crazy about?”
 “His name is Andrew; I met him just by my gate.” 
“By your gate, doing what?”
 “Oh, he was asking about a neighbour and we ended up exchanging numbers.”
 “Busayo, you have to watch him before you let him steal your heart without loving you.” I was telling her and she was just smiling.
 “Busayo, what charm did he do for you?” I asked her and she burst out laughing. 
“Charm ke? Andrew is just different; I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.” 
“Love abi? I just hope Andrew will not deceive you like Peter did.”
 “No, Andrew cannot do that. The way he smiled at me made me forget my former love.”
 I was happy that nothing disastrous had happened to my son. He was playing his computer games when I returned from work and the way he welcomed me made me remembered my late husband. 
“Mummy, mummy, welcome.” 
“How are you honey?”
 “I’m fine mummy; I love my mummy.” 
“Mummy loves you too honey.” After I cooked that evening, my son told me as we were eating that he wants to go to school the next day. I wanted him to have more rest until he recovered fully but the smiles all over his face couldn’t let me say no. I saw in him the face of my late husband and I loved him more.