My Bestfriend My Love?~Episode 9


I cooked dinner for Stanley and me when we got to my room and it was “Jollof”. I already had fried chicken in my fridge, so I microwaved it and then we ate the meal together. We watched a series,“The big bang theory” while eating and laughed throughout the episodes. Later that evening, we made love and fell asleep in each other’s arms in my room. The next day saw us both waking up early to prepare for class. Stanley left to his room and told me he was going to be back earlier than he did the day before, and then he left. After dressing up, I drove to Rabby’s hostel to pick her up and on our way to the department; she told me she had a date with Prince in the evening. Hearing that made me so excited and she asked if I had heard from Larry the night before. I didn’t remember, I had put my phone on silent mode and so I checked and realized I missed two calls from him. And as if he knew we were talking about him, he called when we got to the department and asked how I was doing. He told me how much he had missed me and I told him I missed him too. I told him I had a lecture that morning and ended the call after wishing him good luck at work that day. When the call ended, Rabby asked if Larry knew I had a boyfriend and then it occurred to me that I hadn’t told him yet. So, I told her I would the next time I spoke to him.
We had a two-hour lecture that morning at 9:30am, and it was an interesting lecture. The lecturer got me to answer a question and though I was shy I got it right and I realized he was so impressed. We had two other lectures that day; and after the last ended, Rabby and I were so tired and sadly, we had been given an assignment that we had to turn in the next day. Rabby whined and said, “Is this how our days are going to be here? I’m already tired.” I told her not to worry and suggested we went to the library to do the assignment before going back to our hostels. 
In two hours, we were done. We went back to her hostel, and hurriedly went to her room to get her ready for her first date. She showered quickly and I made her face up for her. She looked so gorgeous when I was done, and then Prince called that he was in front of the hostel. The call made her nervous and she started saying how she wished I would go with her so she wouldn’t mess up or disgrace herself. I smiled at that and asked her to cheer up and just be herself. We walked down to meet him together, and he told her how pretty she was when we met him. Then, I said, ‘bye’ to them and asked them to have a good time and I asked Prince to drive safely.
I got a text from Larry on my way back, and he was checking up on me. He said he wished to see me but I told him I had things doing and so some other time. I felt something holding me back from telling him I had a boyfriend. I felt telling him that would push him away from me or make him stop talking to me and I didn’t want that to happen. I didn’t want to lose our friendship and I wanted to see him and talk to him more. I knew in my heart it wasn’t the right thing to do, but then I was willing to take that chance and said a silent prayer to God to not make Stanley leave me because of that. 
And when I got to the parking lot that evening, I met Jide again in the parking lot. This time, he was alone and he walked towards me when he saw me get out of the car. He looked so apologetic and I didn’t want to hear him say “sorry” or anything about what he did to me the past year. I didn’t want him to take my mind back to how it felt when I read his heartbreaking message and how I felt when I saw him with his girlfriend at the cafeteria. So I didn’t make him talk; I just told him I was too busy to talk and I walked past him. I went straight to Stanley’s room and upon seeing him, I hugged him, kissed him and told him I loved him and never wanted to lose him. He knew something had happened and so he asked if it was Jide, I nodded and he got mad. He wanted to confront him again but I asked him not to.
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I narrated what happened to him and how sorry he looked. Stanley then asked me not to ever give him a chance to explain things to me and asked me not to make that mistake of thinking he didn’t mean to hurt me or anything. I sensed that he was scared when he said that. Yeah, maybe he felt that I still had a thing for him and so by giving him a chance to explain things to me, I might give him another chance. I told him not to worry and that, he stood no chance with me and I would be stupid if I gave him another chance. We ordered for pizza that evening and we watched “The Big Bang theory.” 
At midnight, Rabby called and said she was back and she sounded so happy. I asked how it went and she said, it was great and would tell me everything that happened the next day. So, the call ended after she asked to say ‘hi’ to Stanley. 
We fell asleep watching the series. And the next morning, I left to my room. On my way, I met Jide and he called me and asked me to wait so he talks to me. I didn’t mind him and rather walked past him. He followed me and kept mentioning my name, but I quickened my pace and didn’t even look back. I wanted him to stop trying to reach out and as I thought about that, Larry called and asked that I go to the beach with him.
He mentioned that Prince and Rabby were going that evening and Prince had asked him to convince me to go with them. I thought about it and concluded that it wouldn’t  be bad and so I said ‘yes.’ 
After the call, I showered, dressed up and went to pick Rabby up from her hostel. And on our way to the department, I asked her why she didn’t tell me about the beach. She told me she had planned to tell me that morning and even thought Larry would tell me the night before, so I said ‘okay’ and told her I was going to go with them. That made her happy, then she went ahead to tell me everything. 
To be continued……….