My Bestfriend My Love ~Episode 8


Rabby and I walked to the notice board together. There, we found out we had no class on Mondays. That meant “Monday” was our free day. Rabby said, ‘wow!So meaning we have an extended weekend, that’s great!’ I smiled and told her how much I hated Mondays in the past, as it signaled the end of the weekend. We took a picture of the timetable with our phones and then, I asked for her hostel and whether she had something doing when she goes back. I didn’t want to go back to my room that morning as I had nothing doing and no one to visit. So, I asked to go to her hostel with her, as it was at the other end of the campus. 
We got to my car afterwards and I got a call from Stanley; he asked how my day was going and I told him it was good and boring as well as I had nothing doing. I told him about Rabby and said I was going to be with her till evening; when he was going to be done with class. 
On our way back to her hotel, I told her all I could tell her about myself: which high school I went to; where I stayed; my hobbies and the fact that I had a boyfriend. She did same, but though we did things in common and she lived not so far from my neighborhood, she mentioned that she was still single and had no boyfriend.
When we got to her hostel, Larry called and strangely, I was excited to see that he was the one calling when my phone rang. I picked up and he asked if I had lectures and whether I wouldn’t mind joining him at the mall. I asked if he was alone and he said he was with a friend. So I asked Rabby if she would be cool with us going to the mall to meet some friends and maybe get food since we both hadn’t eaten since morning. She nodded and said, ‘okay’ 
I drove out of her parking lot and then we got to the mall in like 30 minutes. We met Larry and his friend in front of the mall and I would be lying if I didn’t mention that he was looking good and better than he did the previous day. I smiled and admired him as we walked to meet them, and his friend was also good-looking; I could tell he was checking Rabby out. 
When we met them, Larry hugged me and said to his friend, ‘Prince, you see I didn’t lie? This is the girl I was talking about.’ He smiled and said,
 ‘oh yeah! You sure weren’t.’ Larry Then introduced him to us as his co-worker and best friend. Then, I introduced Rabby to them as my new found best friend and course mate. Larry seemed so surprised when I mentioned that I had just met Rabby this morning, and he said it was too good to be true. I laughed and said, ‘it’s nothing impossible, we met and we clicked. So we are now friends.’
I mentioned to them that we hadn’t eaten and wanted to get food, so we went to a restaurant and ordered vegetable rice and grilled chicken for each one of us. There, I sat next to Larry and he was all over me. He was so funny and made me laugh. Rabby was sitting right opposite us, next to Prince and as we ate, I realized Rabby was so nervous and Prince was all over her too. “Wow! They like each other,” I said to Larry and he giggled. We talked that day about our few days in school and what we were expecting and then I found out, Rabby was an open-minded person and was looking forward to enjoy her independence and life away from home and her strict parents. What she said was, ‘I’ve always prayed for this day, when I would finally live the house and live somewhere else, without my mom checking on my every move and not making me go out to parties in the evenings and even going for sleep-overs.’ 
We all laughed at that; and they talked about their lives in the university; how much fun they had and why they would always miss their stay on campus. We had a great time at the mall, and after eating, we walked around and then, went to the photo studio to take pictures. It was so fun and when it was past 2, we decided to leave.
We had a wonderful time with the guys and when we told them it was time to go, they didn’t want to let us leave, but we had to. So, I hugged Larry and there, I saw Prince take Rabby’s number. He hugged her afterwards and we left. 
On our way back, I asked Rabby, ‘tell me the truth, you like Prince right?’ She nodded and said he was a very interesting and nice guy, and she wouldn’t mind being friends with him or even getting into a relationship with him. I said, ‘nice, but does it mean you’ve never being in a relationship before?’ She nodded and I smiled at her and said, ‘wow! I’m happy you’ve finally met someone you like.’ She also asked a question that I’ve been trying so hard not to ask myself,
 ‘Bola do you have a thing for Larry. I know you have a boyfriend but it’s so obvious he likes you and anyone who doesn’t know you are dating will think you two have something going on.’ 
What she said was true but I didn’t want to answer the question; I didn’t want to have to question my feelings and maybe start thinking I was falling out of love for Stanley. So I just said, ‘we are just friends and don’t worry, I love Stanley and will always do. I’m not going to jeopardize what I have with him.’ She smiled and I said nothing afterwards. I was trying to make myself believe what I had said to her, but somewhere inside my heart, I felt like something bad was going to happen. I felt that I might mess up and it scared me.
We got to her hostel in less than an hour; and I went with her to her room to get the movies and music videos. We watched a horror movie together and we screamed out of fear the whole time we watched; but in the end, it was nice watching the movie. And when it was evening, I got a call from Stanley. He asked whether I was still with Rabby and I said, ‘yes’ and then he said he was done with lectures and was coming to Rabby’s hostel so we leave together. He came in no time, and I walked down to meet him. Rabby came along and I introduced her to Stanley. He seemed so happy to have met her and he said, ‘thanks so much for keeping her company for me, and I hope you two remain friends for a long time.’ 
We left afterwards and I made him drive. On our way back, he asked about my day and I told him about the movie. I didn’t mention us going to the mall and meeting Larry; I honestly didn’t feel the need to tell him and though it wasn’t right I just didn’t. When we got to the hostel, we met Jide and his girlfriend in the parking lot and it seemed they were having an argument. We ignored them, but he stopped talking and stared at us, as we walked into the hostel. I wondered what they were arguing about and hoped in my heart that it wasn’t about me.
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To be continued……..