My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 13


That morning, Rabby asked me to go with her to the mall to help her get a gift for her mom. She didn’t know about the pregnancy and I wanted it to remain that way, so I took Brian’s car and pick her up at her house. We went to the mall together, and there, we saw Jide’s car at the parking lot. I wasn’t ready to face him and so when Rabby suggested I call him and ask what he was doing there, I said “no” and said we should just go and get the gift. 
As we walked into the mall, we saw him. He was getting ice cream and he wasn’t alone. What I saw broke my heart and I couldn’t help but cry. He was with Miley and when they got the ice cream, he made her taste some of his and they laughed. I couldn’t stand it anymore and when I tried walking towards them, Rabby pulled me back and made us go back to the parking lot. Jide and Miley were having an affair behind my back and I didn’t know about it. I was hurt and I couldn’t stop crying. Rabby tried comforting me and I told her, ‘Rabby, why would he do that to me? This is the second time he is breaking my heart. God! How can I be pregnant for a cheat like him?’
‘What?’ Rabby was surprised, ‘Bola, are you really pregnant? Oh God! What are you going to do now?’

I said, ‘I don’t know. After what I just saw? My baby doesn’t deserve to have a father like him. God!  I hate myself right now; and to think that I broke up with Stanley for Miley and the others and in the end she could do that to me. I should have known better.’

I kept crying and didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t drive us back home and neither could we get Rabby’s mom’s gift for her. She told me not to worry about it and said she would get it later. Then, she took my phone and called Brian. She told him what happened and he got there in no time with a cab. 
He took us back home right after and what he said was, 
‘I’m going to teach that bastard a lesson. I suspected it; remember I told you I don’t trust the girls? Miley was the reason because I once saw them out together and when I confronted them, they acted as though there was nothing going on between them. They even lied that you knew they were out together and that they were getting something for you. How dumb I was to have believed them. Don’t worry I will teach them a lesson.’
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I kept crying and remembered when I saw Miley’s car in Jide’s neighborhood and thought it was someone else. ‘God! I feel so stupid. So what do I do now?’

Rabby just looked at me and said, ‘are you going to keep the baby?’

I shook my head and said, ‘Brian is getting me the drug tomorrow. It’s just a month old so there shouldn’t be any complications. I will take it tomorrow and then I will forget about Jide and Miley and the other girls. God! I should have listened to you and Stanley. I hate myself now’

Rabby looked scared but she said, ‘okay, if that’s what you want, fine. I will be here with you tomorrow. I wish I could stay here with you; you don’t need to be alone now.’ I forced a smile and asked her not to worry since I had Brian. She left after and that evening when my mom returned from work, she didn’t see me. I couldn’t face her, I was scared she would know I was pregnant so Brian agreed to tell her that I was asleep in my room. 

The next morning, Rabby came over and Brian got the pills early that morning. There were three pills in all and I was required to take one pill every eight hours. So, I took the first at 10:00am and a few hours after taking it, I started bleeding. That freaked me out and Rabby went on the internet to read more about it and she concluded that the abortion had begun she urged me to be calm and not worry that much. 

I sat on the loo and the bleeding didn’t stop. The bleeding worsened after I took the next dose and it was accompanied with cramps. I couldn’t take it anymore and Brian was so scared that he didn’t know what to do. Rabby also couldn’t leave for home so she called her mom and told her I was home alone and was sick so she wanted to sleep over. I don’t know how she managed to convince her to agree to that. The cramps and the bleeding worsened as time went by and they got me sanitary towels to use and pretend I was menstruating if my mom returned from work and when I did, I kept changing it every thirty minutes. 

It was so frustrating and the pains were severe. I almost gave up and said I wasn’t going to take the last dose, but then Rabby told me if I didn’t the abortion wouldn’t be complete so I left it on my bed in my room. And when my mom returned from work, they told her I was in pain and that it was normal period cramps and this time it was severe. 

She rushed to my room and when she saw the state I was in, she realized something was wrong. So, she asked me to get up and said she was taking me to the hospital right away. That scared the hell out of me and I tried convincing her that it was something that had happened before way back in school but she said “no.” She told me she knew something was wrong and I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that I had taken abortion pills. Rabby and Brian also said nothing; they were both so scared and kept mute and stared as my mom pushed me out of the bed.