My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 14


I kept bleeding and my bed spread was stained with blood. It was so much and I couldn’t blame my mom for being that worried. Jeff and Kobe were both home then and they all were restless. They were in support of my mom rushing me to the hospital. I changed my sanitary towel once again, and wore new clothes. I went out of the house with Rabby and Brian and waited for my mom. I looked at how scared they were and realized that no matter what we did, the truth was going to be out before the next day and I didn’t know what to say to them. 

I had dragged them into my mess and my mom was going to be mad at them both. I just looked at them and said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry for dragging you both into this. Please forgive me.’Brian smiled and said, ‘don’t worry. You are the one we should be worried about. Mommy might be mad but she will get over it and we can take care of ourselves so let’s pray and hope for the best.’

Rabby nodded and smiled too and minutes after, Kobe came out of the house and told us my mom found abortion pills in my room and asked us to tell him the truth. We had no other option than to do that, and before he could say anything, my mom walked out of the house with Jeff looking so angry.She held the last pills in her hands and showed it to me and said, ‘so this is it Bola. God! Why didn’t I realize it? You were pregnant and you couldn’t tell me.’

I didn’t know what to do, and I started crying. She sat in the driver’s seat of her car and asked the three of us to sit down. Then she drove us to the hospital; Kobe and Jeff also followed us in another car. When we got to the hospital, we were lucky enough to meet Stanley’s dad. He was a doctor so he attended to us quickly and my mom told him what had happened. She showed him the pills and when my mom added that I keep bleeding and I was in pain, he told her, that was the side effect of the pills. 
He gave me a drug to numb the pains and after sometime I felt better; but the bleeding didn’t stop. 

We left the hospital an hour after he prescribed a list of drugs and foods I should take after the abortion was done, to replace the lost blood in my body. 
We went back home in silence and the next morning at dawn, I took the last pill. My mom said nothing about the abortion next day. She only asked if I had taken the pill and how I felt and I told her I was okay. She didn’t speak to Brian and Rabby either. That was scary and I wondered whether she was going to do that forever. 

The bleeding continued the next day, and the subsequent days saw it becoming less. And the next week, I bled normally like I did during my period. That ended it all, and when I tested again, the results came out negative. 

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That was when my mom called Rabby, Brian and I into her room and then she asked when I found out I was pregnant. I told her everything that happened and she was so disappointed in Brian for not telling her. She told him she was mad at him and didn’t blame him that much and told him to promise to tell him there was anything going on with me that I didn’t tell her. Then she told her that she trusted me with him and that, if anything went wrong with me, she expected me to tell her. She told Rabby the same thing and though she was mad at her too, she told her she was glad she was with me through it all.
Right after, she asked for Jide’s number and when she did, I burst out crying. And she asked, ‘what did he do this time?’

All that while, I had been avoiding the girls and didn’t want anything doing with them. So when my mom asked, I wished I didn’t have to tell her the truth because I knew she would want to meet them all and give them her piece of mind. So, I didn’t answer her question. 

She turned to Rabby and Brian and got them to tell her everything that happened. That made her so angry and Rabby also added that she and Stanley were against my friendship with the girls in the beginning. That made her direct her anger towards me, she said, ‘so that’s what caused him to slap you? Oh Bola! I expected better from you and I should have known Stanley would never do anything like that unless you pushed him to.’

‘Now give me your phone.’

I gave it to her and watched her call Jide and the girls. She told them she was having a surprise party in the house for me and asked them to come over the next day. They believed it and agreed to come. Right after, she left the house and said she would be back. I had no idea where she was going to and my instincts told me she might be going to see Stanley to apologize for not listening to his side of the story when I told her he had slapped me. 

I told Rabby how sorry I was for not believing her and then I told her most of the things she said about the girls were true and that were though, I didn’t want to accept it, I wasn’t completely okay with certain things they did. She didn’t seem surprised when I said that, and all she said was, ‘I told you so.’