My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 5


When the movie ended, I asked how his day went and he told me it was stressful and he had loads of assignments to submit the next week. He sounded so burdened and I kissed him and told him not to worry and that it will be well. He asked if I was hungry and I nodded. I made noodles for us and as we ate, I asked,
 ‘Stan, what do you think about open relationships? A friend of mine is in one and she makes it seem so normal and better than closed relationships.’ He shook his head and said,
 ‘people have good reasons why they make their relationships open and though some make sense, I think it’s like a normal relationship that allows both partners to cheat for pleasure.’ And I responded, 
‘I know right, I thought you would be against it.’ And he said, 
‘no I’m not; just that I don’t think I can ever be in one.    I can’t stand the thought of you in any guy’s arms; I just can’t allow my woman get banged by several other guys just because of pleasure. I can give you all that if you want.’ I smiled when he said that, and wasn’t surprised as that was the response I was expecting to hear. But I hoped in my heart that one day he would at least bring it up. 
After eating, we made out and fell asleep like the previous night, in each other’s arms. He was so tired and that night, though he came, I didn’t. I kept thinking about all that Miley said and I couldn’t wait for the next day to be with them.
Stanley woke up earlier than I did the next day and he left for lectures, thinking that I was also going to go for mine. I went to my room afterwards and called Thelma. She told me to shower and meet them in Tia’s room and I did. There, they told me there were going to Miley’s apartment outside campus. We went to the beach afterwards and we had a wonderful time. We swam, rode the horse, took so many pictures and I got a temporary tattoo of a dragon at my back. I had always fantasized about getting a tattoo and getting the temporal one made me so excited. 
We went back to campus that evening and as usual, I slept in Stanley’s room. The subsequent days saw me spending my days with the girls and my nights with Stanley and Rabby and I spoke on phone once awhile. I realized she was growing distant from me and there was nothing I could do about it since she didn’t like my new friends. 
That weekend, Stanley decided to go home and asked that I go with him but I told him we had a group project to do that weekend and so he left me alone on campus. That was when I had my first wild weekend with my new best friends.
On the Friday night, we took our clothes and cosmetics and drove to Miley’s apartment. There, we dressed up in very hot outfits and went to a club in town. Since it was my first night outing with them, no one was willing to drive the rest of us. They all wanted to feel free to drink anything they wanted and so Tia called her big brother and told him we were going clubbing and so he should go with us. Her big brother was very fun and loved taking them out, so when she called him he agreed and said he was going to come with his friends so we should dress up and wait for them. 
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They got to Miley’s house in an hour and we all sat in his car while his friends used another car. It was 11:00pm and too early to go to the club so Miley suggested we went to get shisha; and the girls screamed with excitement because they all loved it so much. We got to the shisha lounge at 11:30 and there, they got us three shisha pots. There, we paired up; Miley was with Brad, Tia’s brother, Thelma was with Tom, Myra was with Prince, Tia was with Nana and I was with Chuck. 
Chuck was so hot and I liked him instantly. He appeared to like me too and when the shisha pots came in, the girls screamed with excitement and I just sat and watched them. I was so fascinated by their reaction and was wondering what exactly made them like it. Miley realized I wasn’t that excited so she asked, ‘B, don’t you like shisha. Or, let me guess, you’ve not smoked it before.” I nodded and Tia said, 
‘really? Girl you are really missing out. It’s so nice and once you start, there is no way you will want to stop. It’s so fucking addictive. Chuck, teach her okay.’ I smiled and watched them smoke and get lost in the moment. Chuck took one of the pipes and taught me how to do it. It was mint flavored and I totally loved it. I felt tipsy after smoking for a while and when I looked up, I realized the others were getting stoned and I heard Miley say, this thing has been spiked. I’m already high; and I said, ‘me too.’ The others laughed and I looked at Chuck. He was drinking beer and kept staring at me. I told him I was tipsy and he asked that I waited for a while and he took the pipe and smoked.
We ordered for tequila shots after and when the waiter brought it, Myra shouted, ‘let’s play a drinking game please.’ They all agreed and I wondered how it was going to be. I hadn’t played such a game before so I was more excited. So, Brad ordered for a bottle of vodka and then, we started. We played, 
‘spin the bottle’ first and we all ended up kissing the person we were each paired with. It felt so good and thereafter, we played, ‘never have I ever.’ The boys were smart enough and they got us to drink and drink till I gave up and said, ‘I’m so high guys. I feel so intoxicated, let’s get out of here.’ I knew what I was saying and realizing that all the girls were drunk, we left the lounge and drove to the club. This time, I sat in the other car with Chuck and Thelma and Tom were with us too. Tom was the one driving and as he drove, I kissed Chuck and he kissed back. We kept kissing and fondling each other till we got to the club and Thelma screamed and said, ‘we are here. You can stop now.’ We went into the club after, Brad paid for us to get to the V.I.P room and there, we danced and danced. We had a great time and I kept drinking. I didn’t want to stop, because as I kept dancing I felt the urge to drink more and the next thing I realized was me in Tia and Miley on the bed. ‘How did we get here?’ I wondered. 
I woke up with a headache and I was still feeling dizzy; I felt like peeing as well and when I tried to stand to go to the washroom, I fell. The girls were asleep so didn’t see what was going on. I tried getting up again and this time; I managed to stand on my feet and had to walk with my right hand holding the wall for support.
I had gotten a hangover before but this time it felt different. It was severe and I couldn’t even see things clearly. I got to the washroom and fell on the toilet seat. My butt hurt when I did and I was glad that I didn’t fall on the floor instead. I managed to pee; I washed my face, looked into my eyes and couldn’t recognize my own self. I realized I wasn’t okay and needed to go back to sleep. I looked so lost and I went back to join the girls on the bed.
 To be continue