My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 4


‘Wow, it makes so much sense to me now,’ I said and added, ‘so which of you brought it up?’ Then she said, 
‘it is a long story actually. You see what happened with you and Larry, a similar thing happened with me and this new guy in my high school. I was crushing on him and we ended up kissing one time at Perry’s birthday party and he caught us. That hurt him so bad and he in turn kissed my best friend. It was more like a pay back and though I was hurt we didn’t break up; I felt like I deserved it and so we talked about it and decided to leave it in the past. When he graduated from high school, he slept with his neighbor and though I didn’t catch him doing it, he told me himself. He couldn’t keep it from me; he told me she had been tempting him for years and that day he couldn’t help but fall for it. Call me crazy, but I loved the honesty and the fact that he said he loved me and though he had sex with her, he still wanted me and no one could replace me in his life. I thought about it all and when he applied to study outside the country, it occurred to me that we had to make the relationship open if I didn’t want to lose him. And when I told him, he thought about it and agreed; so that’s what happened. There’s nothing like cheating in our relationship because of that and if you and Stanley were in an open relationship, you could have still had a thing with Larry and it wouldn’t have affected your relationship in any way.’
After saying all that, Miley got up and went for ice cream from Tia’s fridge. Then, Thelma looked at me and said, 
‘don’t let her convince you into doing that. It’s crazy, I can never do that.’ I smiled and said nothing.
 I was considering it; yes! It sounded crazy but it made so much sense. I was still young and there was so much in the world that I was yet to experience and having an open relationship wasn’t going to make me feel restricted in anyway. The thought of it made me wonder how I was going to bring it up when I met Stanley; there was no way he was going to be cool with it. When Miley came back, I asked Myra about her relationship and all she said was, 
‘I’m seeing someone but it’s not serious. I’m not going to lie to you that I’m in love with him. We are just having fun like Thelma is, though she thinks otherwise.’ Thelma chuckled and we all laughed. 
We talked a lot more, took in ice cream, played music, danced and jumped around. It felt so good and I loved being there with them. I wondered where they had been all my life and was glad that I had finally met them. The dancing and jumping around made us so tired that, we all fell back on the bed and then, Miley said, ‘I heard you are a law student.’ And I nodded and she asked why I didn’t go to class.
Her question made Thelma laugh, ‘see who is talking,’ she said. I told her I overslept and added that I would go the next day. She smiled and said, ‘don’t worry I don’t even go to class myself.’ Then, Myra screamed, ‘but she manages to make excellent grades.’
 ‘Wow, how do you do that?’ I asked; then she told me not to worry, all I had to do was to get the notes, read in my room; do the assignments and go for group discussions and forget about lectures. I knew what she meant and she added that, she knew every single lecturer in the department and could assure me of the best grades if I played smart. I smiled and embraced the fact that I had found a new best friend in her.
 Time ran so fast and by the time I realized it was evening and I got a call from Stanley. He asked where I was and said he was done with class and was heading towards the hostel. So, I had to leave, and I told the girls. I honestly didn’t want to leave but they urged me to go and meet Stanley since we had just gotten back together and I had to do everything right if I didn’t want to lose him again. 
On my way back to my room, I met Jide and we spoke for a while. It felt so good to be friends with him after all that had happened and thereafter I went back to my room and called Rabby. She had sent me a text asking that I call her. When I did, she told me how the lectures went and told me to make sure I made it to the next day’s, which I knew for sure I wasn’t going to go for because of all that Miley had said to me but how was I going to tell Rabby?
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I realized I had to see her and at least give her a good reason why I wasn’t going to make it for lectures the next day. So, I called Stanley and told him I was going to see Rabby and would go to his end after. I got to Rabby’s hostel in no time and when I got to her room, she was so excited to see me. She wanted to know everything that happened the night before with Stanley and I told her. She told me she sensed I was still with him when she called and couldn’t reach me earlier in the morning. Then, she asked about my day, thinking that I spent it with Stanley and I told her how I met some girls that people referred to as ‘the four spoiled girls.’ She looked at me in awe when I said that and said she knew about the girls and had been told so many things about them by her roommates. I asked what exactly she had heard and she mentioned that they said the girls were very rich, arrogant, unfriendly, spoiled, bad girls, they didn’t go for lectures, made excellent grades and it was rumored that they slept with the lecturers for their grades. I laughed when she said all that and told her, they were nothing like what people said about them, 
‘Rabby, they are all very rich like they said, they are open-minded and they are fun. They are very friendly please and if you meet them you will know what I’m talking about. You will like them because they are just like me.’ Rabby shook her head when I said that, and asked if I spent the day with them instead of Stanley as she had thought and I nodded.
She was disappointed and obviously didn’t like the idea of me getting close to them but there was no way she was going to talk me out of being friends with the coolest girls I’d ever met and she knew that. So she said,
 ‘I know you are stubborn and wouldn’t listen if I told you to stay away from them. But considering your relationship with Stanley and the fact that you just got back together, I think you should be careful of who you let into your life right now. You don’t need to let anything jeopardize what you have and my instincts tell me, your new friends might end up doing that. So please be careful.’
 I wished I could tell her something to make her think otherwise about the girls but nothing came in mind so I said, I don’t think I will make it to class tomorrow. I have to go see mommy off at the airport. She’s travelling.’ It was a big lie and I hoped she didn’t sense that I was lying. She nodded and asked me to be careful. Then, I went back to my hostel to meet my boyfriend busily studying. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I lay on his bed and with the headphones in my ears, I watched a movie and waited till he jumped into bed with me and we watched the movie together.
 To be continue