The Devil Who Loved Me ~Final Episode 40


​Students woke up to the news of two heads on a piece of white cloth in front of Mini-campus. They snapped the heads and sent it to one another. The guys in the house hugged me, every one of them. They started treating me like I was their mother..Uche had told me that It would mean a lot to them if I remained in Jafar’s room, they would fix the Benz for me and all. It was a no brainer…I accepted. 
Toun came back to school on Sunday, and after briefing her on all the happenings, she settled in with me in Jafar’s room. School resumed a month later, but already we could tell that things had changed. People murmured when we passed by, they called us the “Black Widows”. Even the so- called bad guys in school never trespassed. I never wore any other color besides black. In my heart, I would mourn Jafar till I die. 
I had made my peace with God, I didn’t care too much about humans. Like I said earlier, nothing was the same; I saw the world in a new light. Jafar had opened my eyes to things that I would never have understood. Even my parents said I sounded different on the phone…they didn’t know I was not their baby anymore. 
Some days to my exams, I decided to go buy a pregnancy strip.., I had been late for two-months. As I peed on it, Toun stood infront of the bathroom… 
Toun: do you want to be pregnant?
 Me: what do you think? 
Toun: tell me jor.. 
Me: ofcuz, it will mean everything to me if I could have Jafar’s child…God! 
Toun: I hope so too, we would be the best mothers… 
Me: hehehehehehe.. 
After peeing, I was too scared to check myself, so I gave Toun… She was quiet as she stared at the strip. She nodded sadly…I felt disappointed, I really wanted his kid. I didn’t care what my parents, siblings or nosy neighbors and students would say..Jafar was all that mattered. 
Me: I am not pregnant? Then she burst out laughing and started screaming around the house… 
Toun: You are pregnant Tana…two strips…you are pregnant… I was so happy, I started crying… That night, I drove to the circular patch, where the fireflies converge…I switched off the lights of the car… 
Me: Jafar, I know you can hear me…I feel it…thank you for not leaving me. I will take care of our baby…The baby will know all there is to know about how much of a wonderful dad you are… 
Jafar…I love you.
The End 
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Story by DavidFlo
Credit goes to  Josephine who put together all the episodes 
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  1. First I thought Jafar was was de ” devil who loved Tana ” but now I know hu truly is the devil its Timi

  2. Its a wonderful story I have a mixed feeling. The dialogues are still stuck in my mind. Kudos to the writer continue the good work