Mum's Marriage Episode 5 – Overprotective Mother


Pee’s mother just stepped on a lion’s tale. You could see from Kwasimaa’s face that she was so angry. She began panting heavily and was ready to pounce on her but something kept holding her back. Kwasimaa took in a deep breath just to calm herself down. She really did control herself at that moment and took everything in her calmest way but inwardly, she was harboring it for the right time. She did well by ignoring her completely. 
But the slap was not enough to keep her mouth shut, Pee’s mother didn’t get away with this easily though.  She kept on getting on Kwasimaa’s nerves even after the assault. 
“Who do you think you are, Don’t forget your place in this house” Pee’s mother said. 
This was the moment for Kwasimaa, she indirectly insulted Pee’s mother’s intelligence and made away with it. 
“Oh Grandmaa, Is know is a maid, is a maid duty to food your belly and see your head is also alright” She said. 
 Pee’s mother stood there completely speechless, trying to de-code what seemed to be an insult from Kwasimaa. She was however quick to change the topic before Pee’s mother gets the actual meaning of what she said.
“You everything ‘biaa’ then you ‘bore’, Madam say I should run tell you that is food is cook finish for u” She said. 
So all this while, she was there on an errand and she has succeeded in driving Pee’s mother mad. As usual, Pee’s mother finds everything that goes on in the house wrong and this was no different. She didn’t find it right for her daughter in-law to send a maid to tell her that her food was ready. 
“So she has the guts to send you to tell me that my food is ready. She has no respect for me huh?. Go back, tell her to come and tell me herself.” She said. 
Kwasimaa had no option than to go back to the kitchen with Pee’s mother’s message. She was just upset with everything that was going on. Ever since she moved into the house, you will only find her smiling when she was watching something hilarious on the television, apart from that, she always put on a hard looking face. Now that her son, Pee, was not yet back from work, she was extremely furious. She went back to her routine, by talking to herself.
“Ah what is going on in this house? To the extent that a maid, will open her mouth and talk to me any how she wants. Ahh” She said to herself when Kwasimaa went away to bring her mistress.
In no time, Ruby came out of the kitchen to attend to her in-law. It isn’t as though she had no option; the last thing she would want to do now at this very moment was to have any confrontations from her husband’s mother.  She came to meet her talking to herself and that got her curious. 
“Maa, are you ok? Is everything alright? Ruby asked as soon as she saw her. This constant ‘are you alright’ question was really irritating Pee’s mother.  
“There she goes again. Does everyone think am crazy in this house? Ahh” Pee’s mother said in anger. She was just furiously moving to and fro in the sitting room like she was waiting for a battle. 
“Oh Maa, I just wanted to…..” Ruby said but quickly changed the topic to avoid any further confrontations. “anyway, your food is ready.” She continued. 
Again, she found something wrong with Ruby telling her that. She burst out all over again. 
“You Witch” Pee’s mother shouted. 
Ruby didn’t believe her ears; she just called her witch for no reason. 
“Oh Maa” Ruby said with teary eyes but that didn’t stop Pee’s mother, she was completely being insensitive to her son’s wife. 
“Yes, Witch. Look at the time, my son is not back from work and you want me to sit down and eat. Until he comes back, I am not taking an inch to that dining table.” Pee’s mother said. She was just over reacting to the extent of calling her own daughter in-law a witch, just because Pee is late home from work. Besides that was so usual of him and Ruby being his wife, knew that very well. It was amazing how Pee’s mother was taking this. 
“Oh Maa, Pee is usually late on Fridays, and today is Friday, the traffic should be quite serious at this time. This is just a usual thing. I’m sure he will be back any moment from now” Ruby said, still looking sad with teary eyes. All this was really eating her up and there was nothing she could do about it especially when her husband was not present at the moment.
 “So as a wife, can’t you call him and find out?” Pee’s mother said. With this, she made Ruby felt very bad, she felt that she wasn’t even good enough for Pee.
She began thinking if her marriage was even meant to be, perhaps it was all a mistake. She shouldn’t have married Pee as soon as she noticed his mother was not in favor of it. Her heart was filled with bitterness and sorrow. Now it came to her realization that marriage was not all about love but everything that came along with it. The consent of the in-laws is very essential. They can simply make and unmake one’s marriage. 
Just after Pee’s mother said all those things, Pee showed up and as usual was looking very tired after a hard day’s work. The moment his mother saw him approaching, she quickly rushed towards him, just to check that he was alright but Pee noticed that his wife was looking very sad and knew instantly that something had happened in his absence. He even felt intimidated with how his own mother was acting, he felt like a child. 
To be continued. 
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