Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 4


​loud music hitting, everyone was in a party mood, weird dances, some swimming, others drinking to stupor and some canooling. I got to a lying board with a ice cold strawberry juice, i relaxed with my shade still on as i watched events unfold, it was quite a wonderful feeling, strawberry drinks were my favourite m, they had a way of calming my nerves just like now. I was so engrossed in my own kind of fun when damian came by.
Damian: lemme guess you are having fun he said smiling.
Me: hahah you are not far from the truth bro.
Damian: see those senorita’s over there he said pointing at the well toned skinned ladies in bikini’s, thats what fun looks like man.
Me: hahah cool but am definitely not interested just then ricky came by
Damian: ricky!! You deserve an award man, just make sure this rookie is in a party mood ok.
Ricky: hahah thats my cue
Damian: and whats that your holding??
Me: strawberry i said smilling
Damian: shaking his head, show him what beer feels like you know what i mean he said grinning.
Ricky: exactly what i have in mind have got everything covered man,
damian left tapping ricky’s shoulders lightly.
Me: am not drinking that s–t and you know it.
Ricky; you’d wish you did he said grinning mischieviously as he left.
I took a sip from my drink when i saw sophia walking towards me, i stood up immediately and walked towards the poolside, she followed me with an increased paced and soon she caught up.
Sophia: luke!! I thought we are cool
Me: hearing her voice, i stopped to hear what she has to say without turning to look at her. She was my friend but yet she abandoned me at the hospital, and she expects us to be cool
Sophia: i know you’re still trying to avoid me.
Me: maybe, maybe not
Sophia: perhaps you could tell me
Me: great!! Now you’re really gonna pretend you have no idea you left me at the hospital, i said turning to look her in the eye.
Sophia: a bit shock, that wasnt my fault luke and you know it, you were way too rude i thought you needed space.
Me: smiles space??, i guess we’re still giving eachother space then.
Sophia: abit pissed, thats it luke, you are always making it difficult for someone to be around you.
Me: her words were a bit harsh, well i thought she was here to apologize i thought. Yea it has always been my fault, its also my fault that we became friends i said as i turned to leave.
Sophia: luke!! am sorry she said immediately and he halted again, thats what i came to tell you, i shouldnt have left you at the hospital, i still feel weird about it.
Me: shaking my head as i walked away
Sophia: she stood there fixed, as her gaze followed him, she wished she never said that, she felt guilty, i only wanted to apologize, i guess that went the wrong way she thought, after a while she turned to leave when she felt a soft tap on her shoulder, she turned slowly to see who.
Me: handing over a bottle of champaigne to her, lets have a toast soph i said with a smile
Sophia: hugging me with smiles, i thought you left.
Me: yes i did i said smiling, to get this ofcourse for a re-union toast.
Sophia: cool!!! She uncorked the wine while i held the cup she poured its content into the cups.
Me: am gonna propose a toast to new friendship, no space giving kind of course i said as she grinned.
Sophia: no grudge holding kind, she added smiling, we both grined as we emptied its content, then we heard ricky’s voice in the mic.
Ricky: listen up everyone, am sure you know lucas martinez, those host over there he said pointing at couple of host laying loosely on the floor connected to a giant keg of beer. Find him and hold him down!!!!
Crowd: yeeeeaaaah
Me: uh-oooh!!
Sophia: you are so dead!! The words was still in her mouth and i was about executing my escape plan when a felt a fast runing liquid splash my face.
To be continued