Mum’s Marriage Episode 4 –  The Despicable Maid


She just pushed Ruby and Pee apart and stood between them as if they were not supposed to be making out in the first place. They were really caught by surprise, the sudden presence of Pee’s mother. Pee was really disappointed with what his mother did and in as much as Ruby couldn’t say a word, she was over shadowed with embarrassment. 
“Oh Mum, What is the meaning of this? Pee asked. 
She angrily stood there and kept starring at them while they waited for her to explain what she just did. It was obvious from the look of things, she had nothing to say. She was just looking for a reason when obviously there was none, then she suddenly busted out. 
“Why should you be doing this? what kind of parents do you want to be? At least respect my presence, this means that you will be doing same right in front of your children someday” She cried out.  
This was so unbelievable and does that mean they can’t even make out in their own matrimonial home? Ruby wanted to question her because just about 20 minutes she came to the house, she was already getting on her nerves but again, Pee’s mother managed to shut her up.
“But Mum, We….” She said yet was interrupted by her in-law. 
“And you Pee, I am much disappointed in you. Is that the way I brought you up? Don’t make this wife of yours change what I have groomed you to be. If I didn’t nurture you that way, she wouldn’t have been lucky to find you. I will be in my room” She said and just went away.  
It’s funny how that statement sounded, coming out of her mouth, when in actual sense Pee was the one lucky to have found Ruby. 
Pee again, had to do the damage control by talking to Ruby and ensuring her that everything was well and will soon be under control. Ruby was so much upset, she didn’t even allow her husband to talk, all she could do was to rush off into the bedroom leaving Pee behind. 
Pee kept on thinking, it would have been normal if there were two wives fighting their heads off but this is just more than that.
Living under the same roof with two women. A mother who doesn’t think her daughter in-law is good enough to make his son happy and a wife who is not pleased and happy under the monitory eye of her mother in-law. To make a woman happy means you need to sacrifice a lot. 
Now, how can Pee tell his own mother to stay out of his marriage. She was the one who brought him this far and made him who he is today. What if she is right at the long run? Pee needed to do something to save his marriage, because irrespective of all these, he still loves his wife.
It was an unbearable week for Pee, Ruby and even Kwasimaa the maid when Pee’s mother moved into the house. All of a sudden she has become the mistress of the house ordering Kwasimaa and even Ruby her daughter in-law around.  It was just so hard to please her and she was obviously getting on the nerves of everyone. 
Pee wasn’t usually at home to witness this however, Kwasimaa never hesitated to inform her master about what was happening in his absence. It was one of the usual Friday nights where Pee will be late in coming home from work.  Pee’s mother had already taken this up and started making a whole lot of issues about it. 
She walked to and fro the sitting room, impatiently waiting for her son to arrive.  Ruby was with Kwasimaa preparing supper. However, Pee’s mother couldn’t understand that till now, her son is not yet back home. She began wining about it. 
“I said it!!!!! I said it!!!!!!. At this time of the night my son is not back from work and that wife of his does not even care about it. What kind of wife is this? Back in our time, we take care of our husbands like gods. Feed them and satisfy them in any way we can. But now, look, ladies of today seem to be the center of attraction. They only care about themselves.” She said putting the blame on Ruby her daughter In-law again. 
All this while Kwasimaa was standing behind her doing what she does best; observing. She closely watched on as Pee’s mother stood there talking to herself. She then finally decided to come in and join her. Kwasimaa just looked around as she came in to see if there was actually someone there that Pee’s mother was talking to. 
“Grandmaa, Is okay, Is no one presence, is talking talking ‘arone’, is everything alright? She asked in her own weird way of speaking English. Pee’s mother got upset with the question that Kwasimaa asked. It didn’t come from anybody but from a common maid and this made her very furious. With her question, it implied that she was acting like a lunatic. 
“Herh, Do you know who you are talking to? what are you insinuating? Pee’s mother asked.  At the mention of the word “insinuating” which Kwasimaa found very familiar with her favorite word “institution”. All her life, she has mastered only one English word and that happens to be her favorite word. She even thought Pee’s mother was using her word “Institution” when she mentioned “Insinuating”.
“Ah Grandmaa paa, is not in any institution ooo, is asking you alright”? She said.  This was really annoying to Pee’s mother and she couldn’t bare exchanging words with a common maid. 
“Just look at that, is that how everyone is in this house? Just get off my face before you see the worst side of me.” She shouted out. But Kwasimaa was never ready to give up that easily. She wanted her questions to be answered at all cost. 
“Oh Grandmaa, you runaway question, Is asking you, Is alright? She annoyingly asked her. Before she could realize, Pee’s mother landed a slap on her left cheek. That was the action she ever regretted doing to a maid. As respectful as Kwasimaa was, she had her limits and what Pee’s mother did, was beyond her limits. Pee’s mother just stepped on a lion’s tale. 
To be continued.  
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