Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 3


​this time my gaze on her was precise for the first i noticed her
pretty eyes her cute dimples, as she waited patiently for an answer as her heart beating vigorously, indicated by the inflation of her chest on intervals. I had to admit it i felt nothing for her, but i had to stop being the old dude.
Me: lets just be friends mira i said breaking the silence.
Mira: with a look of great dissapointed perhaps she expected something more she was tired of the chase and waiting game, she stood up and storm out.
Me: psssshh…am so bad with words, i said to myself, standing up to leave almost immediately.
he was back to his office but today’s event seem so strange, he was confused about almost everything charles told him she recognizes her son, but her action and questions today says otherwise. Charles would never lie to him he knew that for sure, he rather believe charles word than mirabel he thought.
Milano: its time he starts coming with a back up plan, if she does remember as charles has said then he has to keep lucas away as far as possible from her being too close. 
after meeting with milano, it was quite different from before, his looks was that of deception, it was pretty clear he has something to hide. She thought to herself, whatever it is shes gonna find out soon.
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My night was quite wonderful, sleep was awesome, i really loved this feeling, i took my shower got dressed and was off to class.
Everything seemed so perfect today i guess its my mood. It was quite unusual class most times seemed like the whole day but today it ended so fast. Just when i stood up to leave my phone rang.
Me: hello ricky.
Ricky: come on! dude!!! Stage’s set get your butt over.
Me: ok i’ll be there, i got to my dorm got dressed in a kneel length short with 3 design on it, black vase and a white snickers. Got my sunshade on and was
about leaving when a got voice message.
Ricky: luke!!!! Get your a-s down here would you!!! I smiled as i got out of my room.
******beach party******
the party was quite populated, girls in bikini and guys in short, a constant supply of beers, almost every one was present. Ricky was out on the watch for lucas, everyone seemed to be waiting already in a party mood.
Damian: were is the host ricky he asked sarcastically
Ricky: the dude aint here!! Just then his eyes found sophia, he hurried over, have you seen luke.
Sophia: looking a bit stunned not at all, he seems to be avoiding me lately.
Ricky: ok thanks he said as he left. Just to his car he saw luke walking like he was on one of his modeling show, he looked so full of live he just stared at him like he’s seen a ghost.
Me: are you gonna stare at me or get the party started dude i said with a smirk..
Ricky: hahahah you are one crazy dude you that right.
We got in to the pool house every one cheering at the site of the host.
Ricky: let the party begin!!!! He yelled, as everyone cheered in reply, everyone got their cup filled with beer from the keg.