Mum’s Marriage Episode 3 – The Nine Months Solace Statement


Just after their honeymoon, the in-law had set in unannounced like the rapture. She caught Ruby and Pee by surprise. They just got back from their honeymoon and Pee’s mother is already in the house with her luggage. Or perhaps there is an explanation for this. If not, Pee and Ruby were never ready to receive her, unless she was not going to say for long. 
This was the time that Pee and Ruby are to learn to settle in and make a future together, and for Pee’s mother to come in now, it was just a distraction. They had no option than to put on a happy face to welcome her.  
“Eii, Maa, you are welcome, we weren’t expecting you” Ruby said.  Well, she couldn’t hide her displeasure of seeing her husband’s mother, just few weeks after their marriage. Her words gave her up making her actions and act of welcoming so fake and unreal.  Pee’s mother didn’t care about how his son or daughter in-law felt about her presence. All she wanted was to be in the house; she just brushed Ruby off and attended to her son. 
“Who said I came looking for you, I came to see if my son is alright. Until then, I am not leaving this house.” That was her reply to her daughter in-law when she tried to welcome her. Pee’s mother had made her intentions clear. She clearly stated that until she sees that her son, Pee, is alright, she was never going to leave their home. This meant that her stay in the house was going to remain indefinite until further notice, until her own terms, until she is satisfied with that, she was going to stay at this young couple’s home. 
Pee was in a state of dilemma, that’s his mother in question here. He can’t throw her out just to please his wife. Whatever the case may be, our parents are always right. That’s Africa for you. The moment, you question a decision they have taken then it means you are disrespecting them and the next thing you will hear from them is “I carried you for nine months, how dare you talk to me like that” 
Pee was already having enough of her, he found it weird for his mother to come all the way down just to make sure that he is alright when he just got married and just arrived from his honeymoon.  
“Mum, what could possibly be wrong with me? As you can see, I am perfectly fine. Ruby and I just came back from our honeymoon” Pee said. This gave a clear indication of his disapproval to his mother coming to his matrimonial home so sudden without his notice. However, Pee’s mother was determined to stay no matter what the circumstance was.  This the very moment she came out with “9 months solace statement”. 
“I know you, you are my son, and I carried you for 9 good months in my womb. Just allow me to do what is expected of a mother” She said. Well, to her all indications showed that she was not welcomed to their house but like the saying goes, “If Moses doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will definitely come to Moses”. She wasn’t waiting for their approval. It’s her son, and she can stay and come in anytime she wants to. 
All along, Kwasimaa stood there quietly observing whatever was going on. She was all along holding on to the luggage of Pee’s mother. That was what is expected of a maid and just like Pee and his wife Ruby, she also didn’t like the idea of Pee’s mother staying in the house. As a maid, she knew her place and had no other option than to keep her mouth shut and observe what was going on and to be honest, she did that perfectly. She listened to everything that was going on, all the gestures and conversation. She just observed it like a “Die hard” spectator watching his team play penalties on the field. 
“Kwasimaa, show me my room” Pee’s mother continued instructing Kwasimaa to show her room without waiting for anyone’s approval. Kwasimaa had no option than to lead her away to the guest room leaving Pee and Ruby at the hall. 
The look on Ruby’s face was enough to tell you how she felt about her in-law’s arrival. Pee noticed that and quickly went to her aid, held her close to him and began to comfort her. 
“Baby, come on, cheer up, I know how you feel about this. She will be out of here before you know it.” Pee said while pampering his wife, brushing his fingers through her smooth hair. 
“Pee, ever since I met you, at the dinner where you didn’t even notice I had been in the same school with you, I knew very well you were a ‘mum’s boy’.” Ruby said, trying to tease her husband. She always gets him with that. It was funny how Ruby could handle this issue though. This showed how she placed her marriage before anything else even though her in-law’s attitude was a major bother to her. 
“Ever since I met your mother, she has never welcomed me with a happy face. She has always treated me like an outcast who doesn’t deserve to marry her son” She continued. 
Pee in his own way tried to make her feel better by luring her with his flattering words. 
“Come on baby, you know how ladies are when they get to their menopause, I am sure you will be more than her when you come off age” He said that out of a joke.
“Really” Said Ruby, she was upset with what Pee said, but her husband was just making fun of her. 
“Aww, I just love it when you give me that angry look, your face looks very tiny.” He said.  Ruby just got moved by his words  and her eyes indirectly told Pee to come a bit more closer to her. Pee couldn’t refrain when she gently licked her lips when the motive was actually to keep it moist and soft. But to Pee, that was an invitation for a kiss. 
He ended up planting his lips on Ruby’s lips. She kissed back, they  were so much into it now, forgetting that they were not alone in the house. Pee just wanted more of her; the kiss was just not enough, however he couldn’t stop kissing her as well. 
Before they knew it, there were both separated by Pee’s mother who came out of nowhere. She just pushed Ruby and Pee apart and stood between them as if there were not supposed to be making out in the first place. 
To be continued. 
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