Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 89


​Dera: she crawled backwards trying to move away from him.
Alex: whats it gonna be girl??
Dera: your doom she said swiftly taking out the silver gun behind her waiste region. She was about pulling the triger when he threw his dagger immediately piercing her right arm at thesame time she shot his left thigh while he made to get away.
Alex: knowing she had more advantage, he quickly rolled away taking cover behind a steel trash can she shot at him several times but missed, as a result of the pains she felt having a dagger plunged deep in her right arm.
Dera: quickly got into her car and drove away.
Alex: it actually does hurt to have one’s skin pierced with a bullet, but his been shot countless times. He leaped quickly to his car imediately dera drove off. You gonna die for sure he said with an angry look as he stepped on the accelerator.
She took another route out of the curvy streets running over trash cans, soon she was out to the express. Just then she looked back from her rear mirror to see the honda closing in really fast.
Dera: i thought i shot him she let out in fright as her heart beat increased. She left the knife stucked in her arm to avoid severe bleeding, her hands felt so heavy to keep wheeling the car left and right. She was gonna drive home to clean up but with alex on trial she wouldnt risk exposing her hide out, she swiftly wheeled the car facing the route to her school, turning round and round for a while trying to loose him but he was still on her trail.
Dera: her arms felt so weak to drive, this time they were going numb, she knew if he gets to her again shes gonna die for sure. She shut her eyes, mustering as much strenght as she could, if am gonna die then we die together she said grabbing the loaded machine gun infront. Hitting the breaks as the car screeched so loud and then she turned the car swiftly facing him.
Alex: he watched trying to figure out what she was upto when she drove towards his car at a very speed. Holy s–t!! He yelled, realizing she was gonna crash into him.
He quickly wheel his car out of her path, just then the roof of her car flew open, she yelled angrily as she shot at his fuel tank non-stop and boom!! His car was blown up.
Dera: she exhaled deeply falling back to her seat as she hit the breaks slowly taking the route to her school slowly, until her hands were completely numb.
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It was 2am in the morning, we got exhausted after long hours of reading.
Me: yarwning i feel so sleepy.
Sophia: haha me too!! She stood up walking to her dispenser to get water, but she meet an empty can.
Me: whats wrong i asked seeing her squeezed face.
Sophia: am out of water!! She said sadly.
Me: oooh come on! just come to bed will get you water in the morning.
Sophia: am so thirsty and am scared of going out at night.
Me: exhales perhaps you can get some from your friends, she tried calling her friend as she walked out of the room. Just then my phone ranged.
Me: hey babe i said smiling.
Dera: lu…cas….he..l.p….me she murmured obviously in alot of pain.
Me: her words sent cold chills to my spine, whats wrong dera??? Alright where are you right now i asked all tensed up.
Dera: the…sc…h.o..ol….route!! She forced those words out of her mouth as she dropped the line.
I needed no soothsayer to tell me the situation right now was pretty serious i rushed out to my car, as i drove out in search of her for a while, i was about taking another route when the headlight of a car, which kept blinking on intervals caught my attention. I drove quickly in that direction to check it out, pulling over close to it. I hurried to the door to see dera with her head rested backwards and a dagger stuck in her right arm.
Me: right now i would do anything to wake up from this bad dream, but sadly i wasnt sleeping. Baby!!! I yelled quickly opening the door
To be continued