Good Sin – Episode 4 – “Sweet Mistake”


“I believe you understand what I mean now” He asked.
Eva began to feel uncomfortable with the manager’s approach. He continued to massage her on the shoulders, giving Eva a spa treatment. Eva tried resisting but the more she does, the more the manager felt more comfortable with what he was doing.
Eva noticed that he was even married and that made her very uncomfortable. “Sir, I don’t think this is part of the job description, besides you are married, I can’t do anything of that sought” She said and stood up from her seat. Her actions provoked him.
“Hold on, you know you can’t turn me down right, yes I am married, and if you care to know it’s a just a month but this is business. That is the world for you today. A spade is a spade and nothing more. So cut the crap and let’s get on with it” He said
He then moved towards her again, held her at the waist very firmly and drew her closer to him. His tight grip reminded Eva of what she had gone through some months ago. She wanted to resist, but she feared she may go through the agony she went through on the night she was raped. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she relived the moment, before she noticed it, the manager had already found his way into her bra and had begun fondling her breast.
Eva stood there wondering if this is what the world was really made of. After all, where is her own friend when she needed her most. If she didn’t force her to church, she wouldn’t have been raped in the first place and now this manager is about to have his way just because she needed the job badly. Maybe this is what you must do to get to the top. You must lose some dignity and make certain sacrifices, she thought. He opened her buttons and began to kiss her neck. As much as she didn’t want this, she was beginning to have a different impression about the whole thing.
The manager was not as aggressive as the rapist, she got touched at the places she has never been touched before and as human as she was, what seemed to be a sexual harassment was becoming a mutual consent. It was sensational when the manager began to suck her nipples. That was when she gave in. It was her first time feeling that way and to be honest, she began enjoying every bit of his touch and movement.
She didn’t bleed like she did when she got raped, on the contrary and for the first time, she was very wet. Her tears had all vanished and had turned into pleasure moaning. When everything was done, Eva had completely enjoyed everything, however, she didn’t show it. she began to dress up quickly whiles the manager also went about buttoning up his shirt.
He took the air-condition remote and switched it to the maximum as he was sweating all over.
“When do you want to begin your new job” He said.
Eva didn’t expect that quick response even though that was what she wanted.
“Sir, come again” She asked, just to get him to reaffirm his statement.
“You should stop calling me, sir, yeah, I am your new boss, but I prefer you call me Mr. Patrick and like I said, you can begin anytime you want to. You will receive your appointment letter by the end of the day. I must confess, you were not bad at all, I think I will enjoy working with you.” He said.
Eva had finished dressing and somehow she felt very ashamed. All she could do was to express her gratitude and ask for permission to leave, but the manager insisted that she stayed a bit longer.
He then began getting personal with her, asking her about her personal life. Strangely, he was interested in knowing her more. Eva didn’t understand the manager, he had already gotten what he wanted, what else does he need from her. The questions were becoming too much besides, it wasn’t even related to the job in any way.
It seemed he wanted to know more and that made Eva felt uncomfortable. Already, she was feeling ashamed for what happened and there he was again interrogating her all over.
“I see there is something about you that you are not telling me, I can see this pain in your eyes that even manifests when you are talking” The manager asked.
“I’m sorry there is nothing wrong with me, I am perfectly okay and i just want to take my leave if there is nothing more to be done” Eva said.
Then the manager issued a command from his computer and printed out a letter. It was her letter of appointment.
“Thank you very much sir, I thought I will actually get it later as you said earlier” Eva said, when he handed over the letter to her.
“Don’t worry; I don’t see any reason to delay you. I can’t wait for you to work under me besides I am beginning to like you” He said.
A noise came in from the reception; it was as if people were quarreling. The noise was enough to distract the manager and Eva’s conversation.
Initially they both thought that it was some of the applicants until the receptionist came in to inform the manager that his wife was in. Eva shivered instantly and began to feel guilty. Immediately, she wanted to take her leave before any unforeseen thing happens. Notwithstanding, the manager kept it calm and followed Eva out of his office.
Eva couldn’t believe it when she set her eyes on her friend Dzifa. They met eye to eye and for a moment they couldn’t say anything. The manager just got married to Dzifa about a month ago and already she is suspecting him of cheating, that was the main reason she stormed her husband’s office only to be stopped by the manager’s receptionist all in the name of an on-going interview.
To be continued.
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