Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 83


​We ate our food as they talked about a whole lot of things like places they have been to.
Sophia: have been to mexico, florida, austria and chicago, it was really wonderful!!
Dera: wooow well have been to the states, florida, georgia and alabama.
Mirabel: she chuckled as they talked.
Sophia: smiling mum where have you been to??.
Mirabel: hahhaha trust me you dont want to know.
Dera: try us she said smiling.
Me: pretending to be so concentrated on my food smiling abit on intervals.
Mirabel: well have been to johannesburg, chicago, monte carlo, georgia, trenton, california, new york, orleans she was still talking sophy interupted.
Sophia: hahaha thats right you must have been to alot of places, you are really making us feel intimidated.
Dera: and i think someone is yet to tell us were he’s been to.
Sophia: yeah!! Lucas!! Its your turn!
Me: meee?? Uhmm i said coughing sipping a glass of water. My turn to do what i said still chewing on my food.
Dera: hahaha to tell us the names of countries and states you’ve been to luke.
Me: oooh just coasta rica which is where i live presently i said with a smile, although have travel afew times in my dream i said smiling.
Mirabel: hahah alright honey dont let them intimidate you, your grand dad owns a private jet so you can go to wherever you want.
A private jet!!! We all said in shock
Sophia: thats cool i cant wait to meet him.
Mirabel: that really came out of her mouth unconsciously, well she was holding abit of a grudge against him and doesnt want him anywhere near her children so she kept him in the dark so she thought.
Soon we were done with the food.
Me: i think i need a hot tub bath i said smiling.
Dera: me too!!
Sophia: hahaha i would want to come along too but its way obvious you both just wanna hang out alone she said chuckling.
Mirabel: thats right you guys can go ahead she said smiling.
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_________FLASH BACK____________
After a long and wonderful sleep, she got up from her bed got out her laptop from her bag, turned it on and then punched a few bottons and the tracking device in schwartz system from which she watched his every move ensuring he wasnt betraying her, was activated.
At dusk she was at her dad’s house when schwartz came for the antidote.
Dera: smiling i knew you’d be back, well who wouldnt she said smiling handing over the antidote to him, at this point she knew he was still gonna be useful whether as a friend or a foe because of the tracking device.
Schwartz: quickly gulping the liquid with a weird taste.
Dera: i trust you came back with something useful like i asked.
Schwartz: i know just how you are gonna take the box.
Dera: before that schwartz, i know you wanna reciprocate the kind gesture my dad showed to you, but thinking about it over and over i know there’s gotta be some other reason for you wanting to be my side kick.
Schwartz: exhaling thats right you deserve to know. When i told you your dad saved my life well i was telling the truth but then i feel by working with you i could achieve my own goals.
Dera: and which is??
Schwartz: bringing down the black spider!!!
Dera: impressive she thought, and why would you wanna do that??
Schwartz: i was once married with a kid, a boy precisely, he was just 7. And then on a strange evening. Mr cornel came knocking on my door, after discussing some top secret deals, not reaizing my darling wife was listening from behind the door. As time went on she found a lot about me, she just couldnt take it calmly and i was becoming scared too because knowing too much about black spider only means one thing death, they’d never leave a blind spot. I came back one evening after a hectic day just a few meter away, the house was blown down with a C4!!! Having my baby and my boy right inside of it. He said looking downwards abit.
Dera: she was abit shock but really now isnt such time. Am sorry about your family she said, now tell me the news you have for me.
Schwartz: mr cornel will be going on vacation next week and i think thats gonna be the perfect time to steal the box he said with a smile. And then after helping you get the box you’d help me destroy spider.
To be continued